Sounds easy, but not that easy

Can we really make money from the internet? What about if we have nothing to sell? Can we still make money from the internet?

When I first started my blog, in 2008, I didn't have any idea that I could make money in the internet by just writing. It was a long and winding journey learning the ropes. The journey started when a friend told me that I could make money in internet through my blog. That was good news to me. He then told me about Adsense and how easy to get started.

Can I really make money from my blog? It was fantastic news to me. What I needed to do was to get the codes from Adsense, copy and paste, and wallah I would be earning 24 hours a day, globally!

That was the beginning of my adventure in making money in the internet. For more than a year I just drifted along and lost hope of becoming an instant millionaire by making money from the internet. There was very low traffic in my blog and there was hardly any "click" on the Adsense ads.

I must confess, I did not receive a cent from Adsense even after 2 long years!  So it is not that simple, after all. What had gone wrong?

Internet : The Global Connection

Internet : The Global Connection

Know the rules of the game

It was plain naive of me hoping to earn some money by simply writing in the internet. I think there are millions like me who didn't realize that there were certain rules involved in order to play the internet game successfully.

There are "experts" out there who swear by their grandmothers' graves to be able to help you earn thousands a month, in the internet. On one condition though; please pay upfront for the "hands-on" sessions. It is not cheap, very expensive indeed. I nearly got conned. I didn't get caught simply because it was too expensive.

Then one day I was introduced to this Internet Marketing Guru, who was so magnanimous that he taught us for free, the intricacies of the Internet World. And he is still doing it. Bless him. He is one of those who are real professionals, making a living through buliding web sites and selling ebooks. So what did I learn from him? He taught us how to build our own web sites, and put in all the ads. Is that how we can earn "easy" money? Wait a minute. He said we need to build up our content pages. 500! Yes, 500 pages in order to get Google to start noticing the site.

So I ended up having to pay the monthly hosting fee as well as the web site name charges. I have about 70 pages in my web site. Which means I am nearly there..500! Only needs another 430 pages! Hahahaha!!!! Funny. No traffic to my site. Back to square one! What went wrong again, apart from the content pages? I am sure my Guru would not leave out the important parts. Maybe I was not paying attention,.... maybe.

Never wanting to throw in the towel, I Googled for more information on how to earn money from the internet. I came across some “writing platform” sites like Hubpages, Squidoo, and Infobarrel.  By then I had narrowed down the question to “can I make money from the writing platform sites?”  I think many of you readers are quite familiar with these writing platforms.  So, may I ask, “Can we really make money from Infobarrel?”  I am by now very familiar with the answers, all of them legitimate, depending on how much time you spend on the platform.  Maybe 10% will give a positive answer, another 10% still trying for the first pay check.  The rest of the 80% will make a joke out of it. I stand corrected.

It was through one of these writing platform sites that I learned the tricks and rules of internet writing.  I read through their articles related to this subject, and participated in the forum discussions.  From there I learned about the magic code “SEO” and all the intricacies of internet writing.  For those who still don’t know, “SEO” means “Search Engine Optimization”. Along came other jargons like tags, key words, links, download, and what else. 

So I realized that internet writing was not the same as ordinary writing.  In order to attract reader traffic I needed to be noticed by the search engines, notably big brother Google Search.  I had to write “internet-style” so that my articles would be crawled by the search engines and to appear on the first page of a search.  With millions of items on a single subject, it seemed impossible to get my article title on the first page of a search. It was a very daunting proposal.

Money from the internet

Money from the internet(131725)

No sweat no get

So if you are a newbie like me, don't despair. Learn the ropes, take your time to build up your pages or articles. "Contents" is king in the final analysis. SEO is the selling skill. Good contents are like good products; and SEO is like the effective marketing department. With good products and effective marketing, you will be a success in due course. In the internet world, “quantity” is another important aspect.  If you have good contents but not enough quantity, your reader traffic may not be substantial.  Internet writing is like a marathon race, you need two strong legs, strength and power, and the ability to go the extra mile.  “Two strong legs” means contents and quantity, “strength and power” means skill in writing and knowledge of the tricks and rules, and the “ability to go the extra mile” means persistent perseverance for a long period.  

After 3 years in this crazy marathon, I am beginning to make a bit of pocket money every month from one of the writing platform sites.  For an amateur like me, it is better to ride alongside with the high ranking sites like Hubpages and Infobarrel, than to have my own paid website. There is a better chance of seeing my articles on the first page.  I have been proven right, as many of my articles are consistently on the first page of search engines!  

It is like building a kingdom

Your success in making money from the internet is like an analogy of building a strong and prosperous Kingdom.  First you must be the King (the internet writer) and you must have a most beautiful Queen (the effective writing platform site).  The most important structure of a Kingdom is its strong defence system, its soldiers (your contents).  They must be strong and great in numbers (the quality and quantity of contents).  In order to rule a prosperous Kingdom, it must have resourceful and healthy citizens (the global readers).  To maintain a great kingdom, it needs resources and finance from taxes (the general strength of the website and incoming earnings).  When the  Kingdom is prosperous, every citizen is happy and so are the King and Queen.  In due course there will be little handsome princes and little pretty princesses ( the first sign of earnings trickling in).  And in no time the little princes will grow up to rule the world, and the little princesses will create political and teritorial alliances with other nations.  This is the time when you,  the King Internet Writer will be crowned "Emperor of Internet Earner"!

Good luck, and may you and your queen live happily ever after!!