If you are looking for a cheap home based business that can put some money in your pocket then all you need is a Lawn Mower and some determination and you are well on your way. That’s right, Lawn mowing can make you some bank when you need it just look around your neighborhood notice all the lawns people have around their property? What if you could go and mow that lawn for them for a good price that won’t break them. This is a great job for a younger person to do to make some money or even for an adult as well.

I came across this because there is a teenager in the neighborhood who runs around with a lawn mower and cuts the grass of the home owner’s property. He does fairly well from what I heard in the neighborhood. People come looking for him because his prices are good and he does a great job. A lot better than some other lawn mowing services, this is great for him because he has the neighborhood on lock down.

Lawn Mowing is FunLawn Mowing Services:

Home owners really hate going out to their yards and cutting the grass in their yard on a hot and humid day. They would much rather hire someone for the right price to cut the grass for them. If there is one person like this imagine how many are thinking the same thing in and around your neighborhood. This is why a lawn mowing service would be a great Idea to start. Starting a lawn mowing service is not so hard and you will not need so much equipment to carry around, all you will need is a properly working lawn mower and the desire to succeed and that’s it! This could be a great home based business to run from home or on a part time basis. You don’t need to learn anything complex all you will have to do is cut the grass and get paid! Sounds like a plan to me!! Also you could add other services like grass edging which makes the grass look well groomed etc. Think of more services you can offer for a good price and people will come looking for you.

Buying a Lawn Mower:

When starting a lawn mowing business the most expensive equipment you will need is a lawn mower. You have two choices either you buy a new lawn mower which are expensive or you can go to Craigslist and browse the many available and cheap lawn mowers. I would advise at first to invest in a cheap used lawn mower in the beginning until you have saved enough for a new lawn mower. Prices for used lawn mowers can range greatly depending on age, wear and tear and or brand of mower. Word of advice do not invest in any electric lawn mowers. The reason being is that these electric mowers tend to break down quite a bit. And a broken down lawn mower is nothing but a paperweight. Look for a motorized lawn mower. These have more power and can easily be fixed and maintained at home without having to take it to the mechanic. Make sure that the lawn mower is easy to use and actually starts up normally. You will have to shop around and find one that does work for you. Check the classifieds in the newspaper and online I’m sure there are thousands of used lawn mowers for sale.

Lawn Mowing the Best Home Based BusinessHow Much to Charge for Lawn Mowing:

Now comes the question on how much you should charge for cutting the grass in a home owner’s property. What I would suggest is that you charge according to the size of their yard. You do not want to charge them too much if their yard is small or charge to little if their yard is too big. Remember be fair in dealing with the home owner.  But if he/she keeps low balling you then you leave and move on to your next client. Nothing bothers me more than someone trying to low ball you. Don’t get me wrong you can negotiate a price but if you see that the other person is just playing games then you need to move on! Time is money!

Remember you will need to factor in your expenses like gasoline for the lawn mower as well. Once you have figured out your expenses you can figure out the price you should charge. Always take pride in your work so like that the home owner does not feel like he is being robbed out of money.

Advertising your Lawn Mowing Service:

Like any other business or service you start you will need to advertise. People have to know you exist so that if they need your services they will call you. Advertising does not have to cost money! You do not need a huge amount of advertising because you are a small lawn mowing business.

To advertise your lawn mowing services you will need to do one thing. That thing is to make some flyers and post it in and around your neighborhood. Place flyers on peoples cars, front doors etc. You can even pitch to a Real Estate agency about your service which they will go for since they may have properties that may need some up keep. Houses with overgrown properties do not sell very well when it’s in the market.

That’s all you need some flyers to get your name and service out there!

In the end though mowing lawns for money can be a good investment for a person who needs a little side dough. Now remember this is not a “Get Rich Quick” gimmick you see on the internet all the time. Making money takes time and discipline and it is definitely not quick. How knows may be in time you could find another opportunity and build upon it.

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If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave one! It will be greatly appreciated!