There are thousands of ways to make money online. This article will go through several of the largest moneymaking opportunities to be found online. You must keep in mind that these methods of making money online take time. They all depend on web traffic. In order to generate significant web traffic, you must have content that people are searching for. Your content should focus on popular, expensive keywords.

Affiliate Marketing

Earn commissions by placing affiliate links on your websites and blogs. You can sign up for affiliate programs through Commission Junction, Linkshare, and other networks. Some websites have their own affiliate programs. Amazon Associates is one of the largest independent affiliate programs.

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a platform that allows you to place ads on your website or blog. You sign up for the program with Google. Then you place code on your website that allows Google to serve CPC (cost per click) advertisements on your site. Then, when visitors click on the ads, you receive a portion of the revenue from Google.

Article Writing

You can write articles for web publishing portals, such as Info Barrel, eHow, Squidoo, and Bukisa. You write articles based on your expertise and in return you receive a portion of the ad revenue generated from your content.

Freelance Work

You can make money online by doing freelance work. Go to sites such as or to find freelance opportunities. You can also find opportunities on Craigslist. Be careful to make sure that the opportunities are legit. You can find opportunities for web design, consulting, writing, interior design, and just about any other possible topic.

Market Research

You can participate in market research studies to earn money online. There are hundreds of websites where you can sign up to take surveys, test products, and otherwise participate in market research in exchange for payment. Some studies can be difficult to qualify for, but the money can be very good if you play your cards right.

Write an eBook

Do you have a particular area of expertise? You can write an ebook. An ebook only needs to have high quality content. Write about your expertise and you can sell it on a simple blog. You can sell your ebook for $10 up to $150 or more, depending on the industry and the amount of content you have to share. An ebook is a great way to make passive online income.