Facebook has become a social networking giant that started just with college students, but now has expanded to all kinds of social circles all over the world. Facebook practically haunts its users. Facebook users are so addicted to this website that they spend hours searching and using different types of social applications.

Create Cool Applications
One of the reasons why Facebook turned out to be so popular is that this site offers third-party applications. For developing attractive applications to earn cash online, you must first know what the market demands. What applications will be a temptation for users?

Most Facebook users are between the ages of 18 and 45, so it is logical to keep in mind that interesting Facebook applications should combine music and video. Other popular applications would be for amusement or for their profiles. Most of the users' favorite applications could range from complimentary gifts, horoscopes, trivia games, behavior analysis or graffiti walls on their profile pages. These applications are viral, meaning they can reach hundreds of different users in a matter of seconds! This means that a lot of people can start using your application within minutes of dispatch. It means that you can sell promotion spaces on your application.

In case you don't have the knowledge or the money to set up your applications on Facebook, you can conveniently sell your proposal to companies like Bay Partners or get web developers to help you with it.

Promote Facebook Applications
If you believe that you are stronger in marketing than you are at developing applications, then you may like to think about buying and then promoting applications on Facebook. App-club.com is an online store where you can buy applications that are ready to make money for you as soon as you launch them. They grant information and support to help you make the most out of your payments, and there is a wide range of special applications from games to quizzes and guides. Many of them have already been sold over and over again, but they can be customized using a control panel. As Facebook applications are all open to functioning, one can usually make money by marketing and placing ads inside.

Advertising on Facebook
Facebook allows you to place easy and small ads in the application of your choice in the most trouble free ways. The website can market your old stuff and put it on an auction. You can get rid of your old shoes, clothes, books and even gadgets with the help of Facebook Ads and obviously earn money. It is surely one of the few ways in which Facebook can give you a monetary benefit.

Making money online while using Facebook from home is not rocket science and anybody can do it. If you have a vast targeted network audience as friends, you can effectively earn a decent amount. You can drop an affiliate link of some money making website and start generating a hefty income quickly and easily. All it takes is some time and dedication.