Making money online can be a stimulating and rewarding experience. For many of us there is something satisfying and indeed exciting about buying something for one price and then selling it for a profit. Whether it be property, antiques, cars or even a box of paperbacks, there is something about "flipping" that appeals to our propensity to gamble.

Flipping is a term that has come to mean the practice of selling something at a profit having minimised the amount of input you put into the item in order to produce that profit. Many people make a handsome living from types of flipping that involve making no changes or improvements at all.

One idea that comes to mind is land. Buying a piece of land that has no building permission and then obtaining that permission often results in the potential to then sell the land at a vast profit. The same peice of land - but this time an altogether different prospect!

So what is the relevance for those of us not in the fortunate position to be able to risk our hard earned savings on lofty land deals? The answer lies in a little explored but increasingly popular corner of the internet where those in the know have been very busy buying and selling or "flipping" websites.

The beauty of website flipping is that it can be accomplished from your desk at home, 24 hours a day 7 days a week and there are indeed some significant profits to be made for minimal outlay. You can rely on intuition or you can watch what others are doing and very quickly learn the techniques they use for turning a profit.

Websites are usually bought and sold through an auction style website where in similar fashion to Ebay, buyers and sellers give each other feedback based on the transaction they just completed. This is a remarkably effective way of keeping people on their toes and the schemers and scammers at bay. One of the main marketplaces where you can complete a simple and free sign up and then start to buy and sell websites can be found at

For as little as 10 dollars to buy a complete website you can begin to build your portfolio. For those of us already embroiled in the world of search engine optimisation, metatags and keywords, a few little tweaks may make all the difference in attracting visitors to a site, bringing down the Alexa ranking and monetising it. This in turn, increases the potential and therefore the resale value of a website. If you can actually design a functioning website that may interest a potential buyer then you have an additional option for turning a profit

Flippa is a well run site with clear procedures and guidelines. There is a a forum and a blog where you can exchange ideas and learn from other flippers. You also get comprehensive sales information and statistics for a site of interest to you provided by the seller. As the buyer you can visit any site that is up for sale and scrutinise every detail without ever leaving your desk. Additionally there is a mechanism for asking the seller questions. You can then decide what the site is worth to you and place a bid via the auction mechanisn. You are emailed as soon as you have been outbid or again if you win the auction you are notified via email and put in direct contact with the seller

As with any potential profit making investment, there are some pitfalls for the unwary. These can generally be avoided by using common sense and practicing "due dilligence". A search on Flippa will throw up lots of information on how to minimise your risks . And if I told you that the record sale on Flippa is a website barely a year old that sold for 250,000 dollars - does that fuel your curiosity? Go on take a look ... and happy, profitable flipping!