Google Adsense is an advertising program that Google has created to allow online publishers to place relevant ads on their website and get paid every time someone clicks on that ad or a set amount of money per thousand impressions. Many people have made millions of dollars using this program but if you are just starting out online then do not expect to become a millionaire in the next few days. You can use this program to make money online but unless you put in the time and effort, you will not make good money very quickly. You could use Google Adsense on your personal website but then you would have to pay for hosting, domain name, and try to drive traffic to your content (which can be very difficult). There are other ways that you can use Google Adsense and make money online without having to pay any money at all.


Infobarrel is a revenue sharing website that allows users to publish articles and place their own Google Adsense ads on the articles 75% of the time. This is a wonderful way to use Google Adsense to start making money online because Infobarrel has taken the hard work out of producing content online for you. There is no HTML set-up, you do not have to create backlinks and hope that your articles will rank well in the search engines and you have a very easy to use template for your articles. Infobarrel already has a pretty high search engine ranking so if you use the right keywords and format your articles correctly, you can get your articles on the first pages of results on the search engines. There are many different things you can do to make sure that your ads are relevant to your topic and make sure that your articles are on the top results in the search engines using Infobarrel.


Blogger is a free blogging service that Google has provided that allows users to create their own blog and place any type of widgets or ads on them. Blogging is difficult because you have to drive traffic to your content and millions of blogs are created each week so it will be difficult for yours to become popular without any advertising. The best way that I have found to bring traffic to blogs is to write articles on websites like Infobarrel, Ehow and Bukisa that are relevant to your blog and post links to your blog on them. This will help bring traffic to your blog because you will have quality backlinks and many people will see your other articles since they have such a high page rank already. Learn about different ad placement on your blogs to increase your CTR (click through rate) to make more money online free using Google Adsense.