One of the ways that many people like to make money online is through Amazon sales. They sign up to be an affiliate for Amazon and then promote the products that are available for purchase through the site. The affiliate will earn a commission based on the price of the item once it has been shipped to the person. For many people who are successful in making money online, this is a very lucrative revenue stream for them.

Now you may be thinking to yourself that you want to make money online this way as well. Perhaps you have already signed up to be an affiliate and started putting up links to many different products. You may not be seeing the sales or even clicks that you were hoping for. You may even be ready to give up. You are not alone.

What to Sell to Make Money Online with Amazon Affiliate Sales

Choosing the right items to promote is key to being successful is one of the important parts of this puzzle. If you are just trying to find something that is similar to the article topic that you just wrote, you are not going to get a sale. You need to focus on items that people are looking to purchase. But how do you find these items to focus on to make money online.

Every person that is successful with Amazon has a different way to pick out their products that they want to promote. There is no one true answer on how to find those items that will convert to help you to make money online.

Idea One

Take a walk through your local mall or even discount store. Take a look at what products that the stores are promoting. These may be new items that have just hit the market. Perhaps they are items that are seeing a big jump in sales and the store wants to capitalize on this. Remember those stores have teams of people who figure out what the best items to promote. Use this knowledge to your advantage to help you to make money online. Pick some of the items that you have seen and write sales pages or articles based around the product to put your Amazon link in to make your sales.

Idea Two

Watch some TV. This is an easy way to get an idea of what types of products that people are shopping for. Whether it be those fabulous infomercials or just regular TV commercials, you can find plenty of ideas on how to make money online with Amazon. You will see what is some of the hottest products on the market and you can capitalize on the craze. Put up some pages to make people see your links to be able to convert those shoppers into sales.

Idea Three

What have you bought lately? You are a consumer, just like the people that you are looking to get to buy through your affiliate link for Amazon. Review articles of items that you have bought and liked is another great way to make money online. If the items are useful to you, someone else will also seem the same way. You do not have to only use items that you have just bought. Any product that you use is fair game to help you to make money online.