How To Monetize Your Sites And Make Money Online

With Google Adsense and Other Contextual Advertising Programs

If you have a website or a blog and you are thinking of how to monetize them and make some money online - one of the best and popular ways is to run Google Adsense ads on them and you get to earn (a few cents to a few dollars depending on your site topic) when someone visits and clicks on the one of the advertising links.

The amount that you can earn with this advertising program would also depends on the amount of traffic that you can get to your site as well as the position of your ad placements, ad sizes and how well it blends with your content (these three factors can be determined by doing your own experimenting and testing).

What If You Do Not Like Google Adsense

If you do not like working with Google Adsense, the next alternative you can consider is to work with that displays contextual ads from the Bing and Yahoo Ad Network.

But as compared to the ease of getting started, it is relatively easier for you to get approved by Google Adsense than The good side is that is always on a lookout for potential sites to work with them and you may be lucky to receive a personal invitation from one of their Advertising Manager. So do remember to have your contact details up on your site.

There is a lot of earning potentials with Google Adsense and it can become the main cash cow for your site but if you feel that there is extra room for you to monetize... there are a few other contextual advertising programs that you can implementing along (complies with Google Adsense's TOS).

Here's a good list of five other advertising programs that you can explore further.

List Of Contextual Advertising Programs That Work Well With Google Adsense

1. Chitika

Chitika is an Online Advertising Network that allows you to start earning revenue from your Website Traffic by Displaying Search Targeted, Mobile and Local Ads.

So if your site attracts a lot of search traffic (i.e. someone does a keyword search on the search engine and decides to visit your site because it appears in the search results) either on a normal computer or mobile device... Chitika will then display relevant ads based on the related search keywords.

Chitika Ad Units

Chitika allows you to display Search Targeted Ads, Local Ads and Mobile Ads!

2. Infolinks

As a publisher with Infolinks, you have various monetization solutions to implement on your normal and mobile site. These Solutions include:

  • inframe - displaying vertical display ads on the left and right of the Browser Margins
  • insearch - displaying ads relevant to your users' search terms. Similar to Chitika and you have the option to turn this on or off
  • intag - displaying a tag cloud of keywords relevant to your content
  • intext - monetizing by highlighting the best keywords of your content
Infolinks Publisher Solutions

Infolinks allows you to monetize your site by displaying insearch, intext, intag and inframe ads.

3. Vibrant Media

If you have a site that attracts a huge amount of traffic per amount (e.g. 10,000 and above), Vibrant Media will definitely want you to be their Publisher for their Premium Brand Advertisers. Their Range of Publisher Solutions  includes:

  • Vibrant In-Text - Similar to Infolinks' intext offering which monetizes your site by highlighting the best keywords on your content
  • Vibrant In-Image - Monetize the Images that you use along with your Content
  • Vibrant Display - Monetize your site by Displaying Full-Screen Ad

Vibrant Media allows you to monetize your High-Traffic by displaying In-Text, In-Image and Full Page Display Ads!

4. Skimlinks

If you are running a Product Review Blog Site and have product references, links or merchant links within your content, Skimlinks will help you to automatically monetize these linls into an affiliate links, regardless whether you have any affiliate relationships with the merchants and its products or related affiliate networks (e.g. Amazon, Linkshare and Commission Junction).

Skimlink Ads

Skimlinks monetize your Product References, Product Links and Merchant Links on your Product Review Site! 

5. Publisher Media

Publisher Media is a direct publishing platform that allows you to sell display ads directly on your site and you get to determine the pricing rate as well. In case, you are wondering if Publisher Media gets a share of your revenue, this will never happen so you will be getting 100% of the rate that you set.

It also provides you with all the tools that you need to get started - one simple widget to setup and 3 simple steps to get everything up, it's that simple! 

And there's a marketplace for you as well. So if you have a number of sites available you can have them listed.

Publisher Media

Publisher Media allows you to sell advertising space directly on your site. You get to set the pricing rate as well!