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Most likely in your search to make some quick cash on the side, I can guarantee that you have come across some outrageous claims about single moms making over $6,000 a month by working from home. Maybe you have already been scammed by overstated guarantees and maybe lost some money in the process. Well this article is a mini guide on how to make some cash on the internet for free.

Making Money Online is NOT Fast and Easy that the scammers like to tell you.

Marketers on the internet claim that it is simple and quick to make some cash online, only if you buy their product or sign up and some site and complete some offers. Just remember this, "Nothing in life is free." I would not recommend trusting anyone who claims that is it fast and easy to make some money online, but you can make a small amount of cash if you know what to do and where to find the genuine article(Ha ha pun intended).

Essentially, making money on the net comes down to writing because the internet is all about information and information fundamentally comes from words (maybe How-To videos on YouTube). Even if you decide to sell your junk on eBay that still comes down to writing product descriptions, reviews, and even feedback.

Making Money on the Internet is Free!

Writing articles for the internet either through article websites, such as the one you're on right now (Info Barrel), or your own blog or website, is called generating web content. Before this article scares you away because you never passed high school English; you do not have to be an amazingly, fantastic writer to write articles for a website. All you have to do is have a general understanding of grammar and spelling and how to put a sentence together which is something everyone does everyday from Facebook to emails. Word processers normally contain spell and grammar checks which helps people, like me, write better.

Choosing a website to generate content for.

There are a variety of free online locations to make money generating web content and you are going to have to choose between these, and while you decide and look around it would be a good idea to figure out what to write about. This is how you are going to draw people to your articles which will earn more money for you. A good place to start would be hobbies and possibly areas of interest. Maybe you like to play sports or maybe stamp collecting is your thing. Anything can be a good jumping off point to get started writing some articles. Once you've got a list of potential topics you are going to need to evaluate which is going to be the most beneficial for you to start writing on, and this is normally easier than it sounds. Your first stop is to head over to Google's Keyword Tool. One by one type in the topic headings you have chosen and ensure that where is says "Choose columns to be displayed" you select "Show Estimated Avg CPC". This will enable you to see what advertisers are willing to pay to display ads for each niche topic. Be sure to choose what has the highest CPC (cost per click).

Once you have decided on where to start and maybe what to focus on it is a good idea to pick a site to write for. You can either write for your own blog or you can sign up here at Info Barrel, and have them host your articles for you.

The Money

Right now you may be thinking to yourself, where does this money come form? The money usually comes from the adverts on your pages through Google AdSense, and possibly Amazon as well. Whenever someone clicks on an ad on your page you get a small amount of cash as well as when someone purchases an item from Amazon through your page. Here on Info Barrel all the Google and Amazon ads programs are already integrated into the site and you just have to go sign up for them. At first the money is going to come slow, but once your articles gain some time on the web and more hits they will most likely start to gain more money. When some people start and maybe they write a couple of articles thinking they are going to start rolling in the cash; they are wrong. You need to start generating ton of content and get those clicks accumulated on your articles so try to write an article at least once a week if not everyday. It can take less then an hour of your time and its free money after that.

So that is pretty much all there is to it. To make some money on the side you need to choose some topics to write about, decide which site to write for, do some keyword research, commit to writing at least every week, and sign up for Adsense and Amazon.