Making money today

Discover how to make money online today writing articles, without ever having to leave the comfort of home. You can write as much or as little as you want and still manage to make money online. If you have spare time, like extra cash in your pockets, could use some extra spending or bill paying money and like to write then you have everything that it takes to get started.

Writing articles can be a fun and educational way to make money online today if you know where to look and here I will help you out with just a few suggestions and ideas on companies that allow you to earn off of your articles or that will pay you for your original content submissions.

Prepare in Advance: It is never a bad idea to write a few articles before you start looking online for freelance writing gigs or other ways to make money online today. These articles can be used to your advantage as either as a way to show your quality of work to a potential client or you can even use them as a head start for companies who pay you to write online about any topic.

Often what you will run across when it comes to companies who are willing to pay you for writing articles is an open field where you are allowed to write on nearly any subject of your choosing. You then receive what is known as a revenue share or residual income from your contributions, though there are some sites who will simply pay you a flat fee up front for a certain length article or based on article views and traffic.

Find Your Strengths: What subjects are you most knowledgeable or passionate about? Are there subjects that you are not familiar with and would struggle to write 200 or 500 words about?

Once you can answer these questions you will be able to better identify what type of freelance writing work you should be looking for and that can help you to make money online today. It just makes sense that if you have a passion for flower arrangements and wildlife and are not sure what a motherboard is that you most likely do not want to get stuck with a writing gig that requires you to write computer related articles. If you enjoy writing why not make money doing it on something that you know and love!

Know Where to Look: There are numerous places that are willing to pay you to write and can assist you in the endeavor to make money online today and tomorrow and for years to come.

Some of these places include the following: Ehow; Associated Content; Elance; Textbroker; Bright Hub; Daily Article; Demandstudios, Bukisa, Xomba, Examiner, Hub Pages, SheToldMe and Constant Content (along with many others).

What to Do and Avoid when Trying to Make Money Online Writing Articles:

Be aware of what you are signing up for. You want to make sure you read what is expected of you well before you take on any article writing job. You need to be sure that you can comply with any deadlines, writing formats, style preferences or requirements and subject knowledge if applicable.

Also don't take on too much. This can be difficult for someone who is just starting out and is excited by the idea of making money online writing articles from home. If you rush in and overwhelm yourself by taking on too much in the long run you will simply burn out and it will be both unproductive and not so beneficial for you. So for best results do not overwhelm yourself and instead take on a slow and steady pace of content submission and you will be rewarded and better be able to stick it out for the long run.

Always ask around before you sign up with any company or content site to make sure you know what to expect as far as how often they pay; what's their rate of pay; are they known for paying their writers; do they pay on time; content specifications; writing requirements etc.

Don't overlook the benefits of the residual income possibilities that are out there. You can make money online today and that money can continue to come in month after month and year after year. There are so many opportunities and possibilities out there just waiting for you to discover them.

So what is holding you back? What will it take to get you motivated to start making an online income? You have a place (or several actually) to start with so take a look, sign up and start writing today!

Now don't let this deter you but it pays to keep in mind that working from home and making money online still requires lots of "work" but with time and some dedication that work will pay off.

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