dollarsigns(46233)Among the many ways of making money online is making money with blogs. This is also one of the most favourite ways of making money for a lot of people simply because it is so easy and does not require you to be a huge computer specialist.

Moreover, making money with blogs allows you to write about things that you love and making money from it, although, it is true that more money can be made from writing about the correct topics, which you discover after doing keyword research.

The most important concept to know when trying to make money from your blog is the concept of niche market. This simply means that there must be a certain number of people interested in your topic and there must be a certain number of advertisers paying for advertisements in those subjects, while, at the same time, there must be not so many other people writing on the same topic.

This is the holy grail of the business of making money online. It may take you minutes or hours to find this niche, but once you do, you start cashing in your hard work.

In order to find this niche you have the option to take the path where you pay for it or the path where you use your time and get it for free. I like the latter, finding it myself for free. To do this you need to use only Google Keyword Tool, which is free and Google search engine itself. Use the keyword tool to find keywords which a lot of people are searching and use the search engine to see how many other websites are competing for this keyword. Naturally, you are looking to find highly demanded subjects where there is as little competition as possible.

Setting up a blog is super easy nowadays. Blogger is an example of completely free service with which you can make a blog. But just so you know, there are a lot more options. All you have to do is make a Google search for setting up a free blog.

Your next step is to start writing about your subject and generating a lot of interesting content for your readers. This is the step of generating traffic. Traffic is the amount of people who visit your blog and naturally the more of it you have, the more money you can make. This is where most of your hard work will go, so it would be great if you would have a topic which you are interested in or you love, because this would make it easier for you to spend hours writing and discussing about it.

Finally, we have the important step of actually turning your traffic into money for you. This is done by numerous ways and for a beginner the easiest option is to use Google Adsense. With this programme from Google you are able to place advertisements on your blog and making money every time someone clicks on them. These advertisements are very smart and based on the text which you have written they show a very relevant advertisement, which increases the chances of someone clicking on them.

And that’s all there is to it. To recap:

  • Find highly visited topics with low competition
  • Write interesting articles on your blog and use any means you can think of to bring more and more people to your blog
  • Use Google Adsense to make money from people clicking on your advertisements