A content writer looking for an immediate revenue stream can make money online with Demand Studios almost instantly. Demand Studios can be a great way to raise cash in a hurry and can act as a supplemental income source to writing that produces continuing residuals from advertising. Although it is possible for any competent writer to make money online with Demand Studios, many writers find the process restrictive. Understanding the business model of writing content for a flat fee and testing the waters is the best way to decide if this is the right situation for you.

Getting started and how it works

The first step in making money writing for Demand Studios is to simply apply. Many content sites will allow anyone to write for them. This can be good and bad. It levels the playing field and allows for a wider variety of viewpoints, styles and content. Having said this, it also opens the door for anyone to write and that can include people with substandard writing skills. Demand Studios seeks to prevent this by requesting a writing sample with an initial application and if the writer is accepted into the program he will be faced with passing every article by a DS editor. Many sites review the first few articles from writers, but then turn them loose to publish at will. So, not only is each article reviewed and either rejected or sent back for a re-write, but it is also assigned a score. This score controls what the types of articles that a writer can choose from. An initial low score can greatly limit the scope of what is available for a new writer.

Unlike sites such as Infobarrel or Hubpages that allow the writer to choose titles and topics, Demand Studios is extremely restrictive. A list of potential titles are displayed and writers can 'claim' up to ten at a time to work on once they are fully admitted into the program. Each title can be searched by format such as: How To, How Does, About, List, Fact Sheet, Answerbag, Decisions, etc. The titles can be searched by subject, keyword or payout as well. Many of the formats and titles pay $15. This is a common pricing point that many writers seek. The work claimed has to be submitted by a deadline and written according to the guidelines for that type of article and also must use AP style. Failure to adhere to these guidelines can mean rejection or a significant rewrite job. Many writers stay within the confines of two or three types of articles and can sharpen their skills and achieve a higher success rate by focusing on just a few styles of writing.

Make Money with Demand StudiosAs an article is submitted, a new title can be claimed if desired up to a maximum of ten at any time. An editor will review the submission and the writer will be notified for a rewrite with the editorial comments or the article will be published. Payments are paid weekly through Paypal. There is no limit to the amount of work an author can submit as long as the quality and writing meet the editorial standards.


There are several strengths to writing for a flat fee and for anyone wishing to make money online with Demand Studios one of the biggest draws is the immediacy of payment. Many writers are building a strong, passive content portfolio with high revenue sharing sites like Infobarrel, but this takes time. Adsense earnings can be substantial and many writers have articles that pay $10 to $30 a month on sites like Infobarrel. Many articles, though, require time before they become top earners and, unfortunately, in the meantime life happens! Unexpected bills or situations can prompt a need for some extra money in a hurry. For those people who are gifted writers and researchers, it is not uncommon to spend a day or two writing for Demand Studios and generating $100 to $200 quickly. This can be a lifesaver in times of crisis.

Another advantage is the ability to sharpen research and writing skills. By constantly being mindful of the editorial process as you write, many writers simply write better. Mistakes are caught and phrasing is thought out more carefully. The writing style of Demand Studios is more formal and the tone is one many writers used in high school or college and less conversational. This instills a strong writing voice that can be used on other content sites and can help tighten and strengthen your long term advertisement based revenue stream articles.


The weaknesses of writing for Demand Studios are not to be overlooked. Again, money is waiting to be made for those who can stick to the established guidelines. The most often heard complaint is the restrictive content. The titles presented for writing can be highly specific and esoteric. Or they can be so broad as to hardly be worth the money paid for writing them. How many people wish to be paid $15 for How to Restore a 1962 Chevy Truck? How would a writer cover all the areas of that topic in a simple article? Certain titles like the example above have had entire books dedicated to them. A writer writes best about what he knows and some of the titles on Demand Studios require substantial references and research. Again, the cost has to be weighed against the effort expended.

Another disadvantage is the pay model itself. Many writers want the ability to continually earn income from their content. With Demand Studios, a writer gives up the rights to their material and only receives whatever flat fee he has agreed to. By becoming a member of Infobarrel, Hubpages or any other site, a well written article can potentially yield hundreds or thousands of dollars over the writer's lifetime. These articles usually require no more effort to write than an average DS article does.

The lack of rights is an issue. With many articles if one site is not paying well or ceases operations, a writer can simply move the content elsewhere to keep earning. All rights are signed over to Demand Studios. The content can never be used again by the writer anywhere else. This is a tough pill to swallow for many writers.

It is absolutely possible and not overly difficult to make money online with Demand Studios. They have a large stable of talented writers. Many of these people use Demand Studios to meet short-term financial needs. For others, it is the only writing they do and the idea of taking the money and running is enough to spur them onwards day after day. The best use is probably a mix. Continue to build a strong passive portfolio on a high revenue share site like Infobarrel, but take advantage of the quick and reliable payouts from Demand Studios to maintain a steady income stream until your adshare writings are able to provide you with the income level you seek. Demand Studios is a simple place to write once the process is understood. Decide what is best for you both now and in the future and adjust the amount of time spent writing for various sites accordingly. Best of luck to you in your effort to make money online with Demand Studios!