There are many PTR (paid to read) or PTC (paid to click) programs online that will pay you to read e-mails and click links. Some are scams, some take forever to earn, and some are great programs for some extra cash. Fusionmails a great PTR program that actually pays.  Fusionmails has a low payout that is easy to reach and payments are made incredibly quickly.

Fusionmails has a $1 Minimum Payout and pays through Paypal, Alertpay or Liberty Reserve. From my experience, if you are a diligent clicker you can reach payout in a day or two.  It is a great way to make some extra money online.  Below are all of the ways to make money online with Fusionmails.


PTR--Paid to Read
Get paid to read e-mails and click links in the e-mails. Fusionmails sends SEVERAL e-mails daily. Many are 1/2 cent e-mails with no timer. Others are shared e-mails for less, per link. If you click all these links you will reach payout in no time. I typically only click the 1/2 cent links & still hit payout in no time.

PTC--Paid to Click
Get paid to click links on the site. There are several links on the site of varying value that you can get paid to click. Most have no timer.

PTP--Paid to Promote
Get paid to promote your PTP (paid to promote) link.

Paid to Sign-Up
Get paid to sign-up for various offers and websites.

Refer Members
Refer other members to join Fusionmails and you earn a percentage of their earnings.

Games & Contests
There are also various games and contests on the site where you can earn more money as well.

Points to Cash
Earn points which can later be converted to cash.

Upgrade Your Account
You can upgrade your account and earn more on your PTP and get discounts on advertising, etc...


While Fusionmails is by no means a get rich quick method, you can still earn some extra cash and there are some people who do earn hundreds of dollars on Fusionmails. If you sign up for several PTR programs, the pennies add up to dollars and even hundreds of dollars for very little work. I usually click my links while watching TV. I've been paid several times from Fusionmails and think it's one of the best PTR programs out there. I strongly recommend it!


More Tips and Warnings about Fusionmails and other PTR/PTC Programs
  • You may want to create a separate gmail account for your PTR programs as they do send a lot. Then sign in once a day & click your e-mails.
  • Be careful not to click any of the cheat links in your e-mails or on the site. Typically 3 cheat links clicked and you're kicked out.
  • Most PTR programs have activity requirements, if you go too long (usually 30 or 60 days) without clicking a link your account will be closed. If you know there will be a long time where you will not be able to click links, you can put your account on "vacation" and not risk having your account closed.