Helium is a great website where you can earn some extra cash. Just how much you earn will depend on your level of activity on this site. Having been an active member for just over three years I feel that I can give a fair opinion of making money at Helium and what you can expect.

Since I signed up in early 2006 Helium.com has undergone many changes. Some have seemed a bit of a pain but on the whole most of these changes have improved the site. It is now even easier to make some money and incorporates other features.

Social networking

Helium now has its social networking side. However what I like about Helium is there is no pressure to join in. If you join some sites it is essential that you participate in the forums, in order to make any money. Not so with Helium.

The Marketplace.

Helium's Marketplace can be quite lucrative Even if your article is not purchased it will usually transition on to the Helium website and continue to earn you revenue. The marketplace pays anything from a few dollars to a couple of hundred dollars an article.


These days Helium seems to have a fair few contests running all the time. Usually these pay from 60 dollars, for the winner, to around 25 dollars for the third place. prizes do vary though. Some contests are only open to those member who have registered their profession with Helium, such as Medical Professionals. However, there are plenty of opportunities for ordinary members.

Writing for Helium.com

I have read various articles around the Internet that state Helium has not played fair with the writer. I can only say that I, and many others, have not found this to be the case.

As with all of these writing websites, you will need to meet certain obligations in order to make money. Active competitive titles will generate more revenue and you will need to maintain at least one rating star. This could have changed so check out the current state of play on Helium's help page. If you rate just a handful of articles daily you will easily keep at least one rating star.


More recently Helium has introduced what it has called Zones. These are areas where members, who are so inclined, can create their own spaces. I have enjoyed creating a wide range of zones which have included my articles and those of fellow members. Currently though these Zones do not generate its creators revenue. This is set to change in the near future, I think. Currently if you are an affiliate you can add Google Ads and Amazon goods to these zones.

Stock content

Occasionally you may receive an email from Helium saying that an article of yours has been bought by stock content. The fee is usually 5 dollars but the rights to the article are still yours. This will not be true of articles sold through the Marketplace.


Earnings are paid via paypal, so you will need an active paypal account. You will need to request a payment but must have at least 25 dollars in your account in order to do so.

Overall, I would have to say that writing on Helium.com is a long term investment. Once you have plenty of articles live on the site it is easy to reach at least the minimum payout each month, or a great deal more.

With various seasonal incentives, such as Rewardathons and up front bonus payments, Helium seem to want to encourage its members to write as much as possible.

If you only want to write occasionally Helium may not be the site for you, unless you are lucky and able to regularly sell articles through the marketplace.