You Can Easily Make Money Writing for Reviewstream

Review Stream is an interesting web-site and has an interesting concept in the manner in which they have constructed their system. I have done some writing for them with publishing consumer reviews on items I have personally used and places I have done business with.

For the last six months they have had a special request bulletin up on their web-site requesting  reviews about local businesses. They seem to prefer reviews on local business more than anything else lately. Next in line are reviews about electronics, medicine, travel and cosmetics.

I have enjoyed writing reviews about things I have purchased and places I have visited or done business with. It is a great outlet to express your satisfaction or your complaints about different items and businesses. Reviewstream also has an easy to understand format which highly impresses me. Some of the other review web-sites have far too many formats that must be followed, photos that need to be added, links that should be added and a ton of do's and dont's that become overwhelming when you simply want to express your opinion.

With Reviewstream you pick the item, place or person you want to do the review on. You then chose the category the review should be placed in. If you are doing your review on something that has a physical address, you must add this in. Then you simply write your review. It is a good idea for the review to be at least 200 words.

Reviewstream pays close attention to the title of your review. An example is a review done on a business called "Fancy's". Since Fancy's happens to be a nail salon, Reviewstream wants the title to be written as "Fancy's Nail Salon", instead of "Fancy's". This may sound trivial but your review could be sent back to you for correction or rejected all together. They also pay close attention to the category you choose your review to be placed in. They offer many categories. It can be a bit confusing at times depending on what you are doing your review on since there can be a few different categories you feel it could fit into. Reviewstream will send your review back or even reject it if you put it under the incorrect category. The best way to prevent this is to look at similar reviews and the category the majority of them are in and then make your decision.

They prefer reviews which contain more details about your personal experience instead of details about the specifications of an item. Most people can obtain information about the specifications of certain items such as its dimensions, weight, the colors available, etc. without referring to a written review.  For instance if you were reviewing a restaurant, they want to hear about the service you received, if you were pleased with the food and what you ordered. They want to know if the waiter or waitress went out of their way to assist you and if the atmosphere was pleasant and if you would return. You do not need to be a professional writer to write reviews. They do ask you to make sure reviews are free of any typos and to use proper English grammar.

Reviewstream currently pays $2.50 per review. This is for what they consider to be a very well written review as this is the most paid. If your review does not meet their standards then the rate of pay is 50 cents. You can make an extra 10 cents each time anyone reads one of your reviews. Recently they started allowing their subscribers to read reviews and evaluate them. They are just trying this system for a bit to see what they think about it. When you evaluate a review, an additional 4 cents is paid. The total amount you must reach before you can receive payment is $50.00. They do all of their payments through PayPal so all writers must have an account.

It is not difficult to reach this pay-out if you are serious about writing a steady volume of reviews. They also pay you within hours to a day or two from the time you request to be paid. This is very nice and something not many similar web-sites do. Also keep in mind they can spot a review that someone has simply made up easier than you think. Write honest reviews and you will have a growing relationship with Reviewstream.