A legitimate paid survey site that you can make money online with is Survey Savvy. Luth Research which has been in the market research business for over 30 years, launched Survey Savvy in 1999. It truly is one of the most reputable paid survey sites out on the web. I personally can testify to this, as I have received payments from the site several times. If you want to make money with survey sites here are some pointers to follow.

Create a separate email address for the use of paid surveys only. Why would you need an email just for surveys? The reason for this is that you don't miss out on making some extra cash. Take a look at your regular email inbox...Has it been conquered by the spam devils? You won't miss the opportunity to make some extra dough.

Once you have signed up with Survey Savvy, fill out your profile surveys. This will ensure that you will be sent surveys that match your demographics. It's just a good use of your time. With that being said it is just as important to keep your profile up to date in the event of major life changes; such as a additions to the family, moving and income.

Check your email daily to participate in surveys. This will help you accumulate your earnings much faster. Do you really want to miss out on the opportunity to make some cash with minimal effort?
One thing that is really cool about Survey Savvy is if you take a survey and don't qualify; you have a chance at their monthly sweepstakes. Your efforts aren't worthless. Your name will automatically be entered into their monthly sweeps for cash prizes.

You can also earn incentives when you refer someone to Survey Savvy. Referring others is an excellent way to earn extra cash. When your friends or family sign up and complete surveys, you receive incentives.

One final benefit of this survey site is that there is a low minimum cash out. You can cash out for as little as low $1 in your survey earnings. The payment method is check, and process time is 4-6 weeks. You don't have to worry about earning a huge amount before you get paid.
It's really easy to make money online with Survey Savvy. Sign up with a separate email address. Keep your profile updated and remember to check your email regularly to earn some extra cash.