No body can deny the growing popularity of twitter not only as over crowded social network but also as one of the best places to advertise your products and services online. Owing to this fact more and more companies, advertisers, celebrities and everyone who wants to attract the massive flow of online traffic towards his products or services comes to twitter and offers handsome payment to tweeters for publishing their ads among their daily tweets.

Some advertising companies display ads by offering URL shortening services while some directly insert their ads links among regular conversational tweets after getting approval from tweeters. In this way everyone can make money online with twitter just by displaying ads into his tweets. In this case tweeters earn online by various compensation models including pay per click, pay per view, pay per lead and pay per sale etc. You as a tweeter are allowed to choose your favorite compensation model to earn online with twitter advertisement. Here I have briefly discussed 8 methods to make money online with twitter by displaying ads so that you can pick one or two or as many as you wish according to your preferences.

1- Sponsored Tweets

Sponsored Tweets is a giant advertising network for twitter which pays $0.02 to $10.000 per tweet. It depends upon the number of real followers you have into your twitter account. So if your twitter account is at least 120 days old and you have at least 200 followers then you can sign up for sponsored tweets program to accept advertisement offers to monetize your twitter account.

Referral Commission: 10%

Minimum Payout: $50

Payment Method: Paypal

2- Tweetbucks

Tweetbucks is URL shortening service which places affiliate links into shortened URLs you enter into your tweets. It's a pay per click advertisement where you get paid whenever someone clicks on URL having affiliate link in it. In this type of affiliate marketing you get 70% of affiliate commission and Tweetbucks keeps 30% of it. You are allowed to choose affiliate products according to your own choice.

Sign Up Bonus: $5

Minimum Payout: $25

Payment Method: Paypal

3- Twittad

Twittad is another sponsored advertising network which display sponsored ads with your tweets. You just sign up to Twittad and enter your twitter user name and password and it starts displaying ads with your tweets.

Minimum Payout: $30

Payment Method: Paypal

4- Magpie

Be a magpie and earn online with twitter by displaying magpie tweet among your routine tweets. By default it is set to 1:10 ratio which means magpie display its tweets per 10 tweets you make. You can change this ratio easily.

4 Compensation Models of Magpie

a- Pay per Sale

b- Pay per Click

c- Pay per View

d- Pay per Lead

Referral Commission: 30%

Minimum Payout: $50

Payment Method: Paypal

5- Paid per Tweet

Paid per Tweet offers you $5 per tweet you make just for tweeting about products, services and companies among your tweeter followers.

6- Twivert

With Twivert ad network you can make money with twitter into two ways:

1- By Displaying Ads

2- By Making Referrals

You are allowed to limit the number of tweets per day and select the time slot when you feel comfortable to display ads. You get paid for published ads only.

Referral Bonus: $5

Minimum Payout: $30

7- advertising network inserts ads into daily tweets after getting prior approval for tweeters. Once you signs up to advertising network and accepts advertisers' offer it starts displaying ads into your tweet stream

Referral Commission: 12%

Minimum Payout: $50

Payment Method: Paypal , Check.

8- RevTwt

RevTwt is another pay per click advertising network for twitter. You can add more than one twitter account to this advertising service. Ads links are posted in your tweets and you get paid whenever someone clicks it.

What Not to Do while Displaying Ads of RevTwt?

You have to be careful about certain things if you want to make money with twitter using RevTwt advertisement.

1- You will not post ads to such twitter accounts which already contain too many ads from other affiliate programs or from RevTwt itself.

2- There must be a distance of 5 real conversational tweets between two ads and these 5 tweets must not contain any link.

3- You must be agreed to place ad in your timeline at least for 72 hours otherwise you will not get paid for that ad.

If you violate these TOS your account will be banned and your earning will be forfeited by RevTwt.

Affiliate Commission: 20%

Minimum Payout: $20

Payment Method: Paypal

Requirements for making money with twitter ads

After going through all these interesting and attractive advertisement offers you can exploit easily if you are also interested to make money with twitter then you need to have only two things including:

1- Twitter Account (to make tweets and display ads)

2- Paypal Account (to receive payments earned by twitter advertisement)

As we know that it's free to open these accounts so it means that you can start making money with twitter for free just by accepting one of the above mentioned twitter advertising programs.