How would you like to make money online

- and you don't even need a website?

One of the best ways to make money online is by writing articles.

The Internet is all about information. People go online to find information on just about anything you can think of. You can look at the Internet as the biggest library of information in the world and the supply of information available online grows by leaps and bounds on a daily basis.

eHow is all about "how to" articles. So writing articles for them is all about explaining how to do something. From how to swim or tie a tie to climbing Mount Everest and any other topic you know how to do.

Think about it

You know lots of things that others want to know. What skills do you have? What are some of your accomplishments? What are your hobbies? What are your interests?

You can easily turn something you know into an article and make money online with eHow.

How Much Can You Make?

Some contributors make over $2,000 a month while others make around $1,000 and month and still others make hundreds a month. It all depends on how much you want to write and contribute.

eHow shares the revenue it makes online with it's authors and pays you according to money earned by your articles.

It's Free To Join

You can get started making money online with eHow by opening a new account and writing your profile.

Then simply spend some time looking over eHow's guidelines for how to write your articles and the frequently asked questions (FAQ) and your ready to start writing.

How To Write An eHow Article

Since all eHow articles are about "how to" do something, the writing is pretty straight forward.

You're provided with templates for everything, including your article titles. When you start writing, click on "expanded view" which makes it easier to put everything together.

The templates even include "step one," "step two" and up to as many steps as you require to write your article.

You're also given a place at the end of your articles to add things like additional tips or warnings.

Adding Links

To make money online with eHow you'll also discover a place below your article for adding things like affiliate links, links to your websites or others that are appropriate to the content of your how to article.

Internet professionals agree that writing articles is one of the best ways to make money online and to bring traffic to your website.

Staying Focused

When you open your account and write your first article - keep this in mind.

To be successful online and to create a passive income stream, you need to stay focused. Writing just a few articles and then moving on to something else is not a formula for your success online.

You need to write on a regular basis so that the number of articles you have online continues to grow.

You can make money online with eHow if you dedicate yourself to learning how to write original, high quality article, and keep writing them.

And don't fall into the quantity trap.

Banging out dozens of poorly written articles isn't going to serve eHow or any other online article company. Search engines look for original, high quality content - and providing just that should be your goal.

Yes, you can make money online with eHow.

To get started, visit right now.

Have FUN