If you need to make money quick, one of the first things you need to do, is tell your friends. Let go of that pride and let them know you are in trouble. Sometimes a few friends can scrape together a few dollars to help you out. You would do the same for them right? But if you are looking for more money on a regular basis, then here are five ways to make money quick.

1. If you have a second bedroom in your place, you can take in a boarder. If you don't have a second bedroom, and things are desperate, then give up yours and sleep on the fold out. If you happen to live in a college town, you can usually get good money for a extra room in your home to a student. Tell them you need first and last, and this should give you some money now, and ongoing.

2. Tell your neighbors and friends you are starting a dog walking business, and you are willing to start right NOW. Tell them that they will get a discount for the first week if they pay you up front for the first week. If you can find 3 or 4 manageable dogs, that you can walk together, you can make money quick. (Do not pick wild dogs that drag you down the street! You want to survive this business)

3. Baby sit. Do you know anyone with kids? Offer to baby sit while they have an afternoon of shopping. Convince your friends that they could use a day out, and offer to baby sit. If they know you are short of cash, they may just take you up on this.

4. Do you have any talents? Can you sew? Can you cook? Can you Shop? Can you offer any of these talents to anyone for extra cash. Do some repair sewing, help a friend cook for a dinner party, do the groceries for someone, or errands, that type of thing.

5. Offer to do odd jobs. If you have a green thumb, offer to do some gardening or weeding for a friend, cut the grass, wash the car, wash the dog, paint a fence, paint the garage door. There are lots of odd jobs that always need doing around a house.

The above five tips are ways to make money quick, if you have a bit more time, you can start taking apart your bills. If things are desperate, then cut off the internet, and cable TV. You can go to the library and use their internet and borrow movies for Free.

You can also try doing some bartering. This has worked many a time when cash is short. If your car needs work, offer to do the books, or clean the office of a mechanic friend in exchange. If you could use some fresh fruit or vegetables, offer to do some gardening in exchange for some of the produce..

The bartering system has been used for many years, and works best amongst friends and neighbors. If you have lived in your area a long time, you may be able to get through your rough patch this way.