Guys Selling Bottled Water

I know you have seen these guys hanging in the corner waiting for the light to turn red. The minute the light turns red they run out into the street walking in between cars selling bottled water. You may have bought some bottled water from them from time to time. I know I bought myself a few in my days from these peddlers. I live in the city so this phenomenon has been popping up all over the place. I have seen kids in the summer time peddling bottled water earning some cash for their product. I firmly believe that entrepreneurship is everywhere even in city street corners. These people can sell water all day in the heat of the summer and make quite a bit of money doing it. Where I grew up we call this “hustling water”! I’m going to explain how it works because I too got into the hustle as well! Hey it never hurts to make some extra money on the side right!

I’m going to explain to you how to do this step by step.

Bottled Water Pouring OutGetting the Bottled Water:

First before you can begin you will need to find out where you can buy the bottled water. Usually I would go to COSTCO and buy me a few packs of bottled water. Usually COSTCO always has sales on bottled water so for a few dollars you should be able to pick up a few. Now that you have bought yourself some bottled water now it is time to go home and find the cooler.

Drinking Bottled WaterType of Portable Cooler:

The portable cooler I use has wheels which make it easier to lug around when you are going to your point to peddle water. The portable cooler has to be deep enough to fit at least 10 bottles of water inside and keep it cool. A word of advice! DO NOT buy those Styrofoam coolers they are garbage and will fall apart by the end of the day. I suggest a portable cooler that’s made out of hard plastic instead of Styrofoam.  A hard plastic portable cooler will last you for a long time and will bear the wear and tear. There are many different types of portable coolers to buy the one I have is an igloo which works pretty well in maintaining the water cold.

Now that you have the cooler you will need to get a bag of ice. Bags of ice could be found in your nearest supermarket or local stores for pretty cheap. Get yourself a bag or two of ice for your portable cooler.

Once you have all of these things you are ready to sell some bottled water. But first you will need to put some bottled water in your freezer so that when you are ready to go the next day the water will be nice and cold for consumption. Believe me on a hot summer day a person drinking that cold water will thank you!


Now comes the fun part! You will need to advertise your product! Now this does not mean that you will need to spend money to do this which is a good thing. All you will need is a marker or pen, pieces of cardboard, tape and a white T-shirt.

With the pieces of cardboard you will need to cut it in a rectangular form. Once you have made the cut out grab the pen or marker and write “Bottled Water Here!” tape it to your portable cooler. Make more than one rectangular cut out so that when you are hustling water on the corner you can put some signage on the traffic light pole with the same phrase above or you can make one up if need be.

Now with the white T-shirt you get the marker and write “Water Man” like that people after a while will know that you are that guy who sells water! I will tell you later why this will help out in selling bottled water.

Once you are done doing all of this it is time to get a good night’s rest so that in the morning you are energized and ready to sell bottled water.

Selling Bottled Water in the StreetPlaces you could sell bottled water:

The thing about selling bottled water is that you could sell it anywhere! You could sell it near a busy intersection, at the park, at the beach, walking down the street or even out of the back of your SUV like I was doing. Make sure that you find an area that is busy and that it’s free and clear from other bottled water hustlers. By doing this you will avoid problems that will arise from competing with each other.

Since I have a mode of transport I would drive to the park and park right across the street from the park. The reason being that in order to avoid being ticketed by the police because you will need a license to sell anything in the park, that’s when the T-shirt and cardboard signs come in

Pricing the Bottled Water:

This is the part that will make you or break you. Price the bottled water to high and you will make no sales or too low and you will make no money. You see people are always looking for a good price especially if they are buying from a street vendor. You would see that most people selling bottled water will usually sell their product for about a dollar. I say you should undercut your competition and sell it for about 75 cents.  For this price you will sell a lot of water again it is because people are looking for a good deal so 75 cents is better than paying a dollar for it.

Unfortunately this type of business is only good during the summer if you live in the North East like I do. This opportunity will not make you rich but at least you will have some extra money in your pocket and that’s always a good thing.

So when you need some cash I suggest you hustle some bottled water and get to selling. No one said doing for self was easy and it may give you other ideas on how to spin this idea around.

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