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Make Money Selling Scrap Metal - A Lucrative Side Business

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Making money with a truck has never been better

What is metal scrapping?

Metal scrappers are folks who find and buy scrap metal, and then sell it to a large metal recycler for cash. Scrap metal collecting can be both lucrative and fun for the right person. I personally enjoy it because finding steel, copper and aluminum to recycle is often a challenge and it’s nice to have at least one hobby that is cash flow positive. It's also a cheap and easy business to start, all you need is already parked in your driveway.

scrap metal collecting

Selling scrap metal for money is a great side business that you can start in the evenings and on weekends with nothing more than a truck or a trailer. You can earn some extra cash for hobbies, living expenses, or maybe even to make the truck payment itself! I have tried making money with a truck a dozen different ways and have found that scrap metal collecting is the best use of my time when it comes to how much money I am actually earning. You will have to give scrap metal collecting a try to know for sure if it’s right for you but I love doing it and know many others who do as well.

Is there money in scrap metal?

making money scrapping

Yes, there’s tons of money to be made in scrap metal. The more time you spend on collecting, the better you will do of course. If you focus your efforts on collecting the highest paying metals such as copper, brass and aluminum, you can easily yield $150-$200 cash or more from a truck load. At the time of this writing, there is a huge demand for used metals. Large recycling firms buy this stuff up from businesses and scrappers and they crush and package it, and sell it to places like China and India where they recycle it into new products. Demand drives up prices so the getting is good for the forseeable future.

The best way to maximize your efforts when selling selling scrap metal for money, is to focus on collecting the metals that pay best. When you are looking for it, you will find that there is scrap copper, brass and aluminum and steel just about everywhere. Old alternators, detached mufflers, starter motors, heater cores, broken hot water tanks, old bed frames, engine blocks, broken appliances and electronics. When you keep your eyes peeled, you will find everything from bits and pieces to large chunks of metal everyday.

Here’s where I find my stuff:

1. Check around your house

Start with what you know best, your own home. Scavenge through your garage, backyard and house for items that you don’t need anymore or don’t use. You will find some stuff. Once you take in some of what you find around your own house and see some cash it’s easier to get motivated to look elsewhere.

2. Put ads up

Put ads up on Craigslist, Kijiji and other free listing sites in your area that you are looking for dead appliances, water heaters, and if you can move them, cars. Don’t say that you’re a scrapper because as much as people are happy to give broken stuff away, they’re less likely to phone you if they think that you’re running a lucrative business on their junk. People will call, there’s tons of people who just can’t be bothered to deal with their old appliances. Even if they’re missing out on $30 or $40 bucks they would rather have you come and deal with it for them.

3. Ask family and friends

Let your social circle know what you are doing. There’s no shame in it. It’s just a simple side business. They will want to help you out by donating old junk that they just don’t want to deal with. The key to scrap metal collecting is to keep in mind that by taking their junk, you’re actually helping them out. You’re doing them a service.

4. Free stuff online

While you’re placing those ads on Craigslist, check the free section for anything that you can find that’s made of copper, aluminum or steel. There’s lots of it. Mostly junk cars, parts and appliances but that’s all worth good money to the recycler! Offer to come by and take it off their hands.

5. Garage sales

Once you have been doing this for a while, and understand metal values, you can earn lots of money by buying items cheap and selling them to the recycler for more. It’s important that you understand your values before you try this. There’s nothing worse than finding out that the fridge you paid $50 for is only worth $35 in scrap.

6. Garbage/Recycling collection days

This is an easy way to make money scrapping. Drive through your neighbourhood on garbage collection day. You will find that people place all kinds of stuff on the curb for pickup. Grab all of the metal stuff you can. You will get everything from curtain rods to laundry racks, brass faucets and copper pipe, appliances and wire this way. If you have the spare time this is a great way to find stuff.

Maximize your efforts

how to make money selling scrap metal

You will always earn more by separating metals and recycling them separately. For example, if you have a gas oven to recycle that has copper gas lines inside it’s worth it to cut them out. Copper is worth far more on it’s own than it is inside a whole oven. Do the same with wires and cables. Cut off and strip wires whenever you can. Stripped bright copper wire by the pound is worth a small fortune. If you want to make money scrapping the best way is to take a few minutes and separate everything, it will pay off.

It’s a good idea to keep some basic tools handy for this. Some screwdrivers, a drill, a cutoff saw and a hacksaw are a good start. You can also buy tools to strip copper wire and I recommend picking one of them up when you earn enough to pay for it. A hammer will also come in handy. A stove looks indimidating to disassemble, but I assure you, you can make short work of it with a sledgehammer and a cutoff saw.

This is the best way to start selling scrap metal for money. It’s not for everybody. If you don’t like getting your hands dirty then you will not like this type of business. If you are somebody who doesn’t mind a little hard work and wants to see an immidiate return on your effort, scrap metal collecting just might be something you want to get into.

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