I recently found out about this site that pays you to share content with your friends that is not a PTC site. This site acts as a broker between advertisers and people willing to share the advertisers link to their Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or email their friends. It's called Virurl.

Don't confuse this site with the spammy, hierarchical viral tool bar viralurl.com that tends to flood your emails with people promoting products to you all the time. They are NOT the same website! Virurl shares quality content links.

How Does Virurl Work?

It's kind of a blend of features similar to Stumble Upon, PTC and social network marketing. The main difference is you're getting paid to share quality content, not junky spammy content.

Who Advertises On This Site?

So far I've seen big authority sites like Huffington Post, BBC Online news, Gary Vaynerchuck and other quality sites in their trying to get their pages to go viral. They'll spend a few bucks or few hundred bucks for a certain number of "shares" they want sent out.

You can earn 2 cents, 3 cents, 6 cents -- whatever the advertiser allows -- every time someone in your social network clicks the link you shared with them. This is way better pay than a silly half of one-tenth of a cent PTC clicks.

If you want to advertise your own content, you can do that, too. Just read the FAQs. No get rich quick or money making schemes allowed. I think you can promote tangible products.

How Do I Benefit?

As an advertiser:

  • Small Investment
  • Your pages go viral. Many Virul users could have thousands of Facebook, Twitter, Myspace friends. Or they can just email your link to others.
  • This site is a PR 4
  • Dofollow links

As a user:

  • Share great content with your massive social network of friends
  • Help other webmasters promote their content
  • Earn money every time someone clicks on the link you share
  • Get paid by Pay Pal every Friday. Need a $20 minimum to withdraw.
  • Earn $5 Bonus just for signing up.

Be sure to read the FAQs and rules. This is a very easy site to use and an interesting way to earn a passive income. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, especially if you love sharing information, you can sign up for Virurl here.