With the economy still what it is you may be in need of a way to make money and get paid today. If you are, do not despair, there are ways to get paid without ever needing to pay the money back. I am talking about ways to get some cash in your pocket right now to fill an emergency need. First of all, figure out how much you need to come up with and then think about what you have to work with. You may be surprised at the ways you can make several hundred dollars or more just by putting your mind to it.

4 Ways to Get Paid Today

First, and the easiest way to make some cash, is to look around your house and find anything of value that you can sell. What stuff do you have just sitting around that you are not using? Most of us have extra things we never even touch in the course of the year, and would not mind getting rid of since they are never used. Make a list and march on over to your computer. Place ads on Craigslist for free with an enticing price and add must sell, or must pick up today in your listing. If the price is right, you will have folks contacting you within just a few hours. Have them come pick up your items and collect your cash today.

Next, if your items don't sell, you can consider pawning them to make up your cash shortfall. Now the advantage is that if you don't really want to sell your stuff, you can pay off your loan and go and collect the item later. If your collateral is precious to you, then I would recommend going this route rather than selling it out right. At least you have the option to go back for it later. If you don't mind losing your stuff, just let the contract expire.

Offer to do an odd job for someone you know. Seriously, most of us know someone who is looking for some casual work here or there. Don't be shy, tell them your situation and that you are in a bind. Barring friends needing work done or embarrassment over your situation, check the jobs postings or gigs section on Craigslist, and again explain your situation to see what you can come up with.

Finally, if you are really desperate, consider looking around for recyclables that you can cash in. Newspapers, plastics, glass, cans, bottles, and metals all have cash value. If you don't need much cash, this may be the option for you. Take in your junk and collect your cash.