Can you really make money typing from home as a contractor or SAHM? The short answer is yes, and lots of it if you are willing to work hard and be exceptionally cognizant of deadlines.

You may be both surprised and delighted to know that there a large number of jobs you can do with your typing skills from home. Here are just a few of the ways to make money online with only your typing skills and your computer:

1. Find a contractors job. Really, there are literally thousands of businesses who have laid off the majority of their staff during the recession and have the need for part time secretarial skills and typing. List your services on the free classifieds and job boards online and see what you can come up with.

2. Write articles for bloggers. Again, there are thousands of bloggers operating so many sites that they simply are on overload. In order to make a living many operate 25-50 or more and the content they need to write every week is staggering. The best opportunity for writing blog posts is to again market yourself online through forums and free classified sites rather than writing through a service. Be prepared to start at a rate of a penny or two per word at first to round up new clients on a trial basis. Rest assured though that once your name gets around, you will make considerably more. Quality writers, who are native English speakers are always in demand if they are willing to write for $.03- $.05 per word once the quality of their work has been proven. By quality I do not mean that of a professional writer. We are talking about useful articlesm written in native English, with descent grammar and spelling. Content creation is the biggest headache most bloggers and webmasters face and most are willing to pay for the service.

3. Similarly, eBay Powersellers fight a constant battle with writing the content for hundreds, if not thousands of auction listings per week. No listings, no sales, no income, and many will take on your services if they get behind. If you are willing to work on tight deadlines and write interesting and engaging copy, you will find more than enough work to keep you busy.

After three years of working at home without the benefit of a regular paycheck, I can give you one more solid piece of advice. As you do you initial contacts, be open to other virtual assistant type projects. I am always glad of a change of pace from typing all day long and my clients regularly give me other assignments for which I am happy for the variety in my work.

Can you really make a living typing from home? The answer is up to how hard you are willing to work. I can tell you one thing though; you surely can make money typing from home if you put in the time to build a solid client base.