If you want to make money with CPA offers, this article will provide a good head start. Cost per action (CPA) is an affiliate marketing model that has gained tremendous popularity in the last 10 years. Almost twenty percent of all affiliate marketing programs use the CPA model. It can also be referred to as Pay Per Action (PPA) or Pay Per Lead (PPL). The action can take various forms such as a sale, a lead from submitting personal contact information or even a click to an offer.

In the internet marketing world, marketers use the PPL model to build their email list and usually require as little information as first name and email address. In other businesses, the intent can vary from building a list, to following up with more offers, to doing surveys, or finally promoting free product trials.

Most of the CPA offers are available through CPA networks. They act as a middle man between the affiliate (also referred to as a publisher). Advertisers go to such networks to gain access to a vast pool of affiliate marketers. Affiliates register to a CPA network to be able to promote several different offers while concentrating all or parts of their revenues and payments in a few places. Doing business with CPA networks is a nice way to facilitate the management of offers an affiliate is promoting. Besides, CPA networks have become so prominent and praised by advertisers that very few CPA or PPL offers are available direct from the advertisers.

However, it is increasingly difficult to get approved, as a publisher, by CPA networks. Due to increasing fraudulant lead generation experience, they are much more stringent and their criterias have been tightened up quite a bit. But there are still some networks that are fairly easy to join such as Peerfly and ACP.

While this is also the case with internet marketing type of offers, there are private CPA programs you can join with relative ease. "Partner With Paul", Chris Cobb's "High Profits" and James Jordan's PPL program, which includes four different opportunities are good examples of such "private" PPL programs. They pay anywhere from $2.00 to $3.00 per lead (name and email address required).

To make money with CPA offers you need to understand the types of advertising allowed by advertisers for each individual offer you intend to promote. Some offers allow email marketing only, others are open to display advertising only, but a majority will accept all types of traffic. This is the case with most internet marketing offers.

Here's a great tip to make a quick $25-$50. Sign up for the PPL offers mentioned above and promote them by email to your friends, members of your family, or colleagues at work. These programs offer free reports when you submit your name and email address. If you get only 10 people to sign up you will make twenty five dollars!

The bottom line is, if you interested in CPA marketing, start taking action today. Good luck!