I first found cafepress back in 2008 , in an attempt to make cash online. Back then I had no idea what affliatte marketing really was ! I wrote articles for clients that wanted to sell products, I just didnt understand why they would pay money to buy my articles time and time again , without benefiting from it. Call me slow - but that was the time I put 2 and 2 together , and made 4 ! lol.

I decided to check out legitimate affiliate sites, and believe me there are thousands of them online,. The problem that I had was being able to decipher which ones truly were the best affiliate sites, the ones that actually worked and converted to sales that pay. Now I'm pleased to say I have done just that. Cafe press has me ranting and raving like none of the other sites I joined up at, perhaps because it has seen me rake in cash like no other program.

It only took me month to make my first sale, after that I was on fire. I hired a guy to design shirts that I gave him ideas for. I hired him on get a freelancer - and its been a never turn back since then. I am forever updating my products. The great thing about cafe press is they provide you with the online store, the products - they even ship them out to your clients. All you have to do is make sure that you sign up , put your address so that they can get that little check sent out to you , and design things that you think will sell. You get to choose where to stick your designs , it can be a mug , t-shirt, drinks bottle - Anything as long as its on site. I was worried at first, thinking that it was all a big con , after all who gives you something , for nothing ?

I realised that I was actually getting something back in return for the percentage of revenue that they make over on the site with the free on line stores that I hold with them. Its a win win situation - and I strongly recommend that you check them out. $25 is the minimum payout , and thats not hard to reach ! Good luck, cafe press cash is easy , when you know how........