Do You Want to Know How to Make Money With Fiverr?

Making money on Fiverr is a very possible thing to do. Of all the online money making exploits I have ever ventured into, I have found this one to be the best with my schedule and personal ability. With that said, before I lay out 5 important aspects of making money on Fiverr; let me be honest and tell you that you can not reasonably expect to replace your income with the money you make on Fiverr. Even the top-ranking sellers on Fiverr have only made around $1,000 - $2,000 dollars. Still, with this pointed out, aiming high for numbers like those will still garner you a very useful amount of money. The money I have made on my Fiverr gigs has been enough to help me pay my bills while I am in college, and has been a useful addition to the money I made at my regular job. With all this said, let me get to the 5 facts about using Fiverr which I think will come in handy.


1). Be realistic about how much you can viably earn.

Many people turn to the internet to make money, and more often than not, these people expect the money to magically grow through their computer screens. This is simply not the case. If a person is making a lot of money using the internet, they are very likely spending a lot of time building their reputation and business strategy for a long period of time before they even begin seeing the money.

When using Fiverr, it is important to be realistic and remember that what you earn is not going to replace your income by any means. However, you can realistically earn a couple hundred dollars, if not more if you are really fortunate. I personally have earned about $100 dollars a month over the past few months as I really got involved in Fiverr (do to unemployment coming on the heels of some medical problems). For many people like myself, $100 dollars a month for very minimal amounts of work is a valuable thing!

2). Do not spend a large amount of time doing work.

Next, it is important not to put up gigs on Fiverr that will make you spend more time than you are willing to for $5 dollars (or actually, $4 dollars after Fiverr takes their cut). In the real world, no one would be willing to work for an hour or two for four dollars. Do not change this up just because  money is now available to be made online. An old adage goes like this: "Time is money." When you are doing jobs on Fiverr, make sure you are spending your time wisely and making the most money you possibly can.

3). Do not expect sales overnight. It is a process.

When I first began on Fiverr, I initially put up some gigs and essentially let them sit on the site for about 2-3 months without even thinking about them. Then, one day I received an e-mail that told me I had received an order. I immediately rushed over to the site and fulfilled my order, not expecting many more. Needless to say, after that initial order, I began receiving orders in a way I can only describe as rapid fire. To online marketers, this phenomenon is known as the need for social proof. As soon as I began receiving positive feedback, my orders took off and I am now comfortably making money without much effort. Granted, this is not passive money making, but it is very simple and worthwhile for me.

4). Do be a professional.

One thing many people may not completely expect when working for $5 dollars is that they should act professionally. I view my sales on this website in the same way that I view selling any other product. Whether it is a five dollar job or a $10,000 dollar job, the need for professionalism is vital in making money. I have received multiple return buyers simply because I am very easy to work with and able to communicate effectively. Not only that, but I do attempt to help those individuals out who are willing to communicate effectively with me in return. Some of these customers have ordered 5-6 times simply because this service is so good. That is a sign of professionalism and a good customer relationship.

5. Do use Fiverr to get into the online money making world.

I like to view Fiverr as my pushing off point into the world of online business and marketing. I figure, if I am able to effectively handle low-end jobs such as these being sold for $5 dollars; then I will easily be able to handle jobs requiring more from me in the future. Making a little bit of extra money on the side of my regular job and busy college schedule is also a very big incentive for me.


I will return in a future article with some additional tips for getting into making money on Fiverr!