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Can You Really Make Money on List My Five?

Making Money Creating Lists

Making money writing online can be very difficult! It requires resilience, hard work, and a little bit of clever SEO maneuvering. Whether you are blogging, hosting a website, or writing for an online content website, driving traffic to your page is crucial. No traffic equals very little chance of making any money. This same principle holds true with List My Five. Here's why:

What is List My Five?

List My Five is a slightly different content website than Info Barrel, eHow, and Associated Content in regards to how the content is delivered to online viewers. On LM5 , members write lists about any topic! With endless possibilities, there is nothing that can or can't be written about. Hopefully, members choose to write a list with five reasons pertaining to the actual subject! Once a list is created, advertisements are automatically placed on the page based on topic, strength of the list, and potential to make money. Then, members simply sit back and watch their total views and potentially earning increase.

That's it?

Well, pretty much. Unfortunately, there is little transparency in regards to how much each click per ad your list might generate. Therefore, many lists will only make a few pennies while List My Five retains a strong percentage of each ad click. Hey - making money is definitely the name of the game! The developers have a great concept, but is it worth your time and effort? From our experience, List My Five is very easy and within several minutes you can realistically have 3 or 4 lists created. There is something to consider in flooding a money generating website with very simple pages that have the potential to make money overtime. By creating hundreds of lists, there is definitely a greater potential to make easy money. However, there is more to List My Five than getting questionable chump-change.

Use LM5 to Support Your Blog & Info Barrel Articles

If there is one positive that stands out from List My Five, it is the ability to add links to your own articles, blogs, or pages elsewhere. Backlinking is important and creating links on respectable websites will only benefit your writings back home on Info Barrel. Write an article on Info Barrel, then create lists to support your topic with backlinks to your IB article. It's easy and you can potentially make a little bit more money!