You can make money with your junk, but you have to invest some time getting organized.If you can do that, then you are on your way.


If you have just sold your house, or you are buying a house, or you are downsizing, or whatever you are doing in your life right now, then you are looking to get rid of some junk.We all have it.It could be in the garage, the basement, or the bedrooms, or hidden in the closets.You know, the junk or things that you keep moving around with you, but you are probably never going to use.


If this is you, then you could have hundreds of dollars just sitting in your house.Remember the saying "one man's junk, is another man's treasure"? this is so true, especially with the internet.


But you say "I know I should get rid of some junk, but I hate garage sales"I hate dealing with people, and having to line all my junk out on the driveway and pray the weather is good, and then maybe get ten cents for things!


So, what do you do?You keep boxing up your junk and paying to have it move with you, and think that one day you will deal with it right?.Well, if you have a bit of time, before you have to move, why not spend this weekend or some weeknights, going through your junk.If it is all too overwhelming, then pick a small place, like a closet and pull it all out, and get yourself a couple of boxes.In one box will be the things you will absolutely not part with, the other box, will be for things that are in good shape, and you are willing to part with.


Do this throughout your house, or home.This way, no matter what, you now know what your junk pile looks like!It is now separated from your "to keep" pile, and you can get yourself organized and decide how big a moving truck you will need, because now you know exactly how much of your stuff is stuff that you want.


Now take a look at the junk pile.Go, through it and try and put "like with like"If youhave magazines, put them together, if you have tops put them together…Then once you have them organized into categories, get your camera out and take a picture of the spread out pile of books, or magazines, or tops, or whatever your junk may be.



Take Amazing Pictures of Your Junk

You can have the greatest "thing" in the world, but if you have blurry pictures they will not show up online.  This part is super important.  Clean out your house, but either invest or borrow a decent camera.

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This is perfect for smaller items, it gets rid of background and creates the perfect lighting.  You item is more likely to sell if people can see all the details.  This can make the difference as to whether you leave money on the table or get loads of bids!

Get Online and Get Selling

Now get yourself on to and list your things in groups.Personally I have found "groups" or bulk,of things to sell better than trying to sell them individually, unless it is a collectors item. Offer it as a "box of craft magazines" for example... People love a deal! especially a box full of stuff.. Not sure if something you have may be worth a bit more?Try looking it up in the search box on Ebay, and see if anyone else is selling something similar, and for what price.

 You have to be realistic here though, if your item is not worth much and is heavy, then you are not likely to sell it online, maybe donate that item.But if you have clothes, jewelry, craft magazines, old pictures, old postcards, old records, music books, and more then these are all easily mailed.You can search for these items in the search box to see what prices would be competitive.

 Then once you get some sales, and your customer pays, then promptly mail the items.

 You now have got rid of your junk, and some cash in your pocket.It doesn't hurt to do some research with Ebay, and see just how much things are selling for.If you have been left with junk no one seems to want, don't take it with you, donate it.

 Now you can start afresh at your new place.Hopefully by purging your junk, you may have made some money to help pay for that move, now that is a Win Win situation!