Anyone can make money with their own website that has cost them next to nothing to put together. You have to approach making money online as a business, you have to put time and effort into it, but you will make money. With your own website you are in total control and whether you succeed or not comes down to you and how much you put into it.

Make Money With Your Own Website #1 Niche Area

Deciding What Your Website Will Be About

You need to build a site about a particular topic. The area needs to be broad enough that your site will get plenty of visitors, but not so broad that you will have too much competition. Choose a subject you know a lot about and one that you enjoy.

Deciding On a Domain Name

One of the main factors that search engines use to rank your site is its title, so choose it with care. Search Adsense for a suitable title. Enter [Babies]. Scroll to Page 3 of the results. There you can see [babies first year]. would be a good title for a website about babies. There are plenty of searches for that term and your site would do better because its name included that exact phrase.


Follow a similar process for your own favoured niche.

Make Money With Your Own Website #2 Set Up Your Website

Choose a Web Host

There are lots to choose from. Look for a host that will allow you to host more than one domain name for the same price, in case you add another domain in a few weeks. do this and their support system is 24/7 and perfect for beginners.

Buy Your Chosen Domain Name

Look for a .com domain name because your site will have most credibility that way. If your preferred name is not available try putting a short word before or after your chosen phrase. In the Babies example you might look for

Set up Wordpress on Your Domain


Your host will help you with this. It is a one minute task with about 3 clicks.


Log in and make your first post.

Make Money With Your Own Website #3 Set Up Earnings Programs

Sign up for Adsense with Google


Clickbank and Amazon have referral programs that pay you if someone follows your link and buys something from their website.


Sign up for Clickbank.

Sign up as an Amazon affiliate.

Find products you will be able to recommend to your readers and sign up for referral programs for those products, too.


Change the theme of your website to an Adsense-Ready one. You will need to wait until Google has approved your Adsense application, then you can start playing with the format of your Adsense ads.



Make Money With Your Own Website #4 Learn some basic SEO


How well your website ranks depends on many factors.


Links into your site is one of the most important. Sign up for lots of Social Bookmarking sites and link to your site from those. Visit similar, in niche, websites and leave relevant and useful comments. If you are complimentary the website owner is more likely to leave your link in your comment. Visit in niche forums, contribute in a positive way and people are more likely to check out your site.


Each post you make should be optimised for one, specific search phrase from the Adsense link above. Optimised means that your 100 word post should contain that phrase twice, including the title. A 200 word post will contain that phrase four times, including the title.


Make Money With Your Own Website #5 Your Unique Selling Point (USP)


You need a USP to make your website stand out from the crowd. To continue the Babies example you might focus on raising a baby as a single parent, or bringing up twins on a farm. Your readers' loyalty depends on you being Different.


Make Money With Your Own Website #6 Promoting Your Website


Download the Alexa toolbar from Your site has an Alexa rank even if you do not download the toolbar. This rank depends on how many Alexa toolbar users visit your site. Any site starts off with a no ranking label, then a number between 9,000,000 and 16,000,000. This number falls rapidly as you make more posts and soon it will be under 2,000,000. Your Alexa rank will continue to improve as you make more posts, more links and more people visit it. You need a good Alexa rank before you can earn money from Paid to Post websites.


Write articles in your niche and post them on article sites that give you a share of their advertising revenue. is the best site because in-article links are allowed, you can have multiple signatures (useful if you have websites in different niches) and you can easily earn 90% of all Adsense income from your articles.


Post short articles at sites like that link to your own site. Even write in-niche articles that you give away to free article sites because those sites can get you lots of links back to your own website.


Put a link to your website in the signature section of any email you send.


Make Money With Your Own Website # 7 Earning


You have already set up Adsense and as your visitor numbers increase so will your income from this source. You do not have to DO anything, except make posts aimed at specific key word phrases and keep increasing your search engine rankings.


Find relevant products on Amazon and Clickbank and recommend those. Think about buying Clickbamk products because the costs are very small and you receive most of that cost back in referral income if you buy through your own affiliate link.


Recommend other affiliate products that are relevant to your readers. Use some text links and some banner ads.


You can be paid to make posts on specific topics by sites that act as brokers between people wanting publicity and links for their website or product and people with websites who are prepared to write for a fee.