The Internet is the only way anyone can make money without having money. Online it is possible for anyone to earn a living, or at least supplement their income. You can earn a part-time income without having any money to invest.

You are not going to make lots of money easily without having money to invest. Forget the guru schemes to make money. Most people do not have the resources, either in terms of skills or the money to make these work. Gurus promise that you can make money without having money, but they only tell you half of what you need to succeed.

The reality is that you can make enough money to equate to a part-time second job without having to invest any money. It will take a year of hard work to reach this income level. If you keep working at it your income will gradually increase, and may become high enough that you can give up the day job.

Article writing is something that anyone can do and it can make you a small, but growing, income fairly quickly. You can start without spending a cent and how many free business ideas will you ever find?

Make Money Without Having Money #1 Short Term Income

You can join sites like Demand Studios and Constant Content. These sites pay upwards of $15 for a well-written article, but you have to use titles they supply and write to very strict guidelines. If you need money to pay the rent Demand Studios are great because they pay out after every article, once a week.

Make Money Without Having Money #2 Medium Term Income

You can join sites that give you a share of the advertising revenue that your article brings in. The sites display your article and put advertising all around it to entice visitors into clicking. If people click the website, and you, earn some money.

Make Money Without Having Money #3 Long Term Income

You can start your own site. This will cost you about $70 a year for hosting and a domain name. This site will be one you own. You can do anything with it and nobody can sell it or change the terms and conditions. Nobody going bust or selling out can affect your own site. This will be your nest egg for the future. Like an insurance policy, the earlier you start the better your nest egg will be. As soon as your income from writing articles hits $70 a year you should start your own website.

Make Money Without Having Money #4 Where Do You Start

You need to work according to your own priorities, dictated by your own circumstances. If you have no money to pay the rent you will need to writ articles for upfront payment, even though these will not give you any long-term income. Even in desperate straits you should try to write regular articles for your medium-term income plan with sites that give you a share of the advertising.

Ideally, you should set up your own website first, on a particular subject, then concentrate most of your efforts on writing articles for medium-term income and promoting those articles. Link every article back to your own website.

You need to gradually develop your own website, by posting to it at least twice a week. This is your nest egg and it needs to be nurtured and fed regularly if it is to give you financial security in the future.

Task List to Start to Make Money

  1. Sign up with Demand Studios and or Constant Content

  2. Buy a domain name and web hosting for it

  3. Set up Wordpress on your domain

  4. Start writing posts to your Wordpress site twice a week

  5. Sign up with Info Barrel give you 75-90% of all Adsense clicks

  6. Write two 1000 word articles a day for Google likes long articles and gives them more prominence in search results

  7. Visit the InfoBarrel forum and introduce yourself. There is not a day goes by that I do not learn something new from this forum

  8. Sign up for Social Networking sites like and

  9. Bookmark every article you write in your social networking accounts

  10. Add Adsense, Clickbank and Amazon referral links to your own website

How InfoBarrel Helps You Make Money Without Having Money

  • InfoBarrel gives you 75% of all Asdsense clicks and it is very easy to qualify for a 90% share

  • You will need help and advice. The Info Barrel forum is full of people who want to help. They know that by helping you, they are helping to grow the website and therefore their own income

  • You can write in any format you like, including a blank format, which is what most writers choose most of the time. You are not limited to a strict How To formula

  • You get to choose what you write about. Writing about your own interests is much easier and more enjoyable than writing about some of the weird subjects that some other article sites demand you write about

  • You can choose whether you illustrate your articles with drawings or photographs. You can use your own photos, too

  • Info Barrel has a pre-approval system. This means that the admin guys check your first 10 articles, after that your articles go live straight away

  • You can put in-body links to your own website or affiliate programs into your articles

  • The admin people and owners listen to the article writers and modify things that need modifying fairly quickly

  • You can have 79 signatures if you choose, each with a different author's site to send visitors to. This is essential if you want to write in more than one niche

  • There is a referral program, in which you earn by introducing other writers, not by reducing their income though. Your referral income comes off the website's slice of the Adsense income

  • The site is young, vibrant and growing every day. This means your earnings will grow and that there are many valuable article titles still available