Making money without the Internet

Business that works for you

This might sound insane, but there was a time when money was made by exchanging physical goods for physical cash. You didn't have to click a mouse or enter in your credit card information. It was done face to face. There is nothing wrong with making money on the internet, but it seems as though people have forgotten what it was like opening a business that required brick and mortar as opposed to SEO optimization and the information super highway.

Today I would like to discuss another business idea I've implemented bring me a solid profit in the past. It's something I continue to do this day. Before I continue I would like to urge you to contact me if you have any questions or thoughts on what I am sharing with you today. I want you to be happy, successful, and profitable. That's why I'm sharing this with you.

What I would like to talk about today is Body Jewelry. It seems as though people have found a way to pierce anything on their body, and their odd decisions only mean an opportunity for profit to you. Earrings, nose studs, belly button rings, and gauges are all highly sought after merchandise often marked up 1000% over wholesale prices. This leaves a lot of room for you enter the market and undercut prices, retaining a profit for yourself while gaining a loyal customer.

Body jewelry is some of my favorite merchandise to sell at flea markets and city fairs due to its low wholesale cost and high profit margin. Not only that, but it is light weight, making it less expensive to ship.  For example, in previous articles I have mentioned my fondness for sunglasses, but the truth is 50% of my gross profits are re-invested directly back into new product. Does this make it a bad product? Absolutely not, everyone who has eyes needs sunglasses, but that should be taken into consideration when I buy a tongue ring for 5 cents and re-sell it for $1. I wrap this into a bulk package and sell the tongue rings at six for $5, netting a $4.70 profit for myself.

The margin on belly button rings isn't far off from my glasses (although it is still a little less expensive) at roughly $2.25 each. Depending on how I feel I can re-sell for anywhere from $5 - $8. The beautiful thing about the jewelry is that it's rarely much more than a few dollars for shipping.


There is another business idea that can be implemented within a week at your nearest flea market. Happy selling all.