Do you Have a Knack for Writing?

Do you love to write? Do you write whenever you can? What kind of writing do you enjoy the most? Writing is a favorite pastime of many, myself included. Some people truly hate it, but for those who love it, it opens a whole new world of experience and fun.

If you are a good writer and you enjoy it, that could mean many opportunities for you. First, you might consider taking it on as a career. You could go to college for a journalism degree or creative writing. You could work for a newspaper, or maybe be a novelist. There are other ways to profit from writing.

Do you Want to Make Some Extra Money?

Are you looking to earn a little extra money or maybe a lot of extra money? Believe it or not, you can use your writing talent to do just that, and you don't need to get a college degree. There are several ways to get paid for what you write and here we will discuss just a few.

Do Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is when you write for publications that request your writing or that you ask to write for and it is not a job. You do not get a regular paycheck because you are not an employee. Basically, you have your own writing business. You do a service of writing for your clients.

This isn't easy. You have to be a really good writer and come up with very high quality writing. If you want to eventually make this a full time income, you will need to start small and work your way up. You will need to build up a repertoire or portfolio of writing that you can show off to future publications.

I recommend finding some niches that you know a lot about or can learn a lot about. Also, make sure it is something that you can write a lot about, will enjoy writing a lot about, and can get a lot of work with. If you can't find any publications in your niche, it's not going to do any good. Make sure you can actually find work.

You are going to need to do some research on freelance writing. Find out where you can submit your writing to such as magazines, newspapers, websites, etc. Get the most recent years copy of Writer's Market or sign up for the website. Find out how to write for a publication and how to submit the writing.

Next, you need to write and submit, write and submit, write and submit. It will take persistence, and at first, you might feel like you just can't get anyone to buy your work, but before you know it, you will start getting accepted. The more you send out, the more you will get.

Of course, there are things to keep in mind with this kind of business. If you get rejections with tips to improve, take those to heart and follow through. If you are doing something wrong, you want to know you are doing something wrong and take care of it right away.

If you find it has been a couple years now and you still haven't gotten anything written, you might just not write the kind of writing that is needed by the publications. You might want to consider doing something else.

Write Web Content

If you feel like you aren't good enough of a writer to get published in big publications, you might be better off as a web content writer. You do not have to be an amazing writer but you can still make money from it. If you get to be a fast writer and offer good and fair prices, you can even turn it into a nice business.

If you surf the internet and see sites other than the big ones like Wikipedia,, etc. you will read a lot of articles. Some of these articles are written by the webmasters themselves and other webmasters purchase the content. That is where you guys can come in. You can produce the web content for them.

This is how it works, someone who is looking for content will contact you, if they can find you, you write the content and they pay you for it. In order to do well with this, you have to produce quality content quickly, have a fair price, and promote your services.

You can promote your services in several different ways. You can promote your services on forums such as Digital Point forums in the content section, you can have your own website and promote it, or you can combine both. I suggest building a website and using the forums to direct clients to your website.

This is a great business because you don't have the write the kind of articles that you spend hours on. As long as it flows and has proper grammar, that is usually sufficient. If your client wants more than that, they can request it.

If you are producing content that will take a lot of research and you want to make money from this, you should charge no less than $0.01 per work but preferably more like $0.015 to $0.02 per word. For example, for a 500 word article, you should charge at least $5, but more like $7.50. That is a good price for quality content.

If you find a client that pays on time and gives you work, try to keep up a good relationship with them. Repeat customers are the best kind of customers. Also, happy customers will tell their friends about you and get you more work.

Don't be shy about promotion, but don't spam people either. Start doing social networking to look for people who are looking for you. Set up a professional looking website and get as many testimonials as possible. Always offer to provide samples to your potential clients so that you will more likely get work. Best of all, produce quality content as fast as possible in order to earn more.