Anyone can make money writing articles online. There are millions of website owners looking for unique content every day. Owners will pay for this content and this is your opportunity to make money. Writing articles is something everyone can do and there are many online methods of doing so for financial reward.



All money you make from writing articles online comes from advertising. You may get the advertising revenue yourself, through your own Google Adsense publisher ID being used alongside each of your articles. If you are paid a flat fee then the site paying you can afford your upfront fee because they know the advertising they place alongside your articles



There are three ways to make money by writing articles online:



  • Write articles for websites that pay you a flat fee for each article published (Short Term income stream)


  • Write articles for websites that give you a share of the advertising revenue from your articles (Medium Term income stream)


  • Write articles that you give away for free in exchange for links back to your own site (Long Term income stream)



You need to approach writing articles as a business. No business ever depends just on one income stream. There are always multiple products that will produce profits at different points over the next 10 years.



Everyone who tries to make money writing articles online needs to reach their own equilibrium point between these three income streams.



Short Term Income


You may have no income coming in the door and maybe you need to earn cash to pay the rent this month. Upfront payments are what you need to keep the roof over your heads and to feed yourself.



The problem with devoting all your time to upfront payments is that there is no residual income coming from those articles. You have to write more articles when you need more money.



Even when your needs are dire, you need to post to your blogs (Long Term income).



Medium Term Income


You should try to post a constant stream of articles to whichever revenue share site you decide on. These articles will give you an income for years to come. If you fail to write them now, you will miss out on the income in future years that would have made your life easier.



Spend as much of your time as possible writing and promoting articles for revenue share sites.



Long Term Income


Your blogs are the only websites you own, so they represent your nest egg. If your chosen article revenue share site falls out of favour with Google your income will plummet. The share of advertising revenue you receive can also change, reducing your income.

Your blogs are yours, exclusively. You keep 100% of any income they generate and that is always going to be the case. Look after your blogs and they will look after you in the future.



You need to take every opportunity to drive traffic to your blogs. Put a blog link in the author signature you are allowed by every article site. If you are allowed to use in-body links and your blog is on the same subject then link to your blog from within the body of the article.



Write giveaway articles that include your blog link in the signature section.


Choosing an Article Website that Pays You Upfront


There are three or four that pay at least $15 for 800 word articles. These sites commission articles from third parties, take a slice of the fee and pass on the remainder to the author. Avoid sites that pay peanuts. There are sites where writers are so desperate to earn a crust that they will write 5000 words for $2. You cannot compete with them, so stay away.



Make sure you understand exactly how much you will be paid and when. Some sites pay within days of completion of any one article, while others make you wait until you have earned $100 and then make you wait another month before they pay you,


Choosing an Advertising Revenue Share Site


There are several factors to consider:



How much traffic does the website get?


This depends largely on the site's Google Page Rank



Is the site's Alexa ranking improving or worsening?


A site may have started later than the others so its Page Rank maybe lower, but check out the trend in its Alexa rank at



Does the website tell you what percentage of advertising income you will receive?


Some sites are very vague and even refuse outright to tell you what share the website owners keep and what share you receive.



What percentage of revenue do you actually receive?


The percentage varies from 30% up to 90%. A 50-60% ad revenue share is the norm



Is the revenue model simple to understand and transparent?


Some sites give top performing articles a bigger share, but they do this according to some secret formula that you are not allowed to even talk about.



Is there a forum where writers are positive and helpful?


If there is no forum this is often a policy to isolate individual writers and prevent any group acting together. Check out the responses that new writers have received in the forum. In many forums there is an established clique of writers who are scornful of new forum visitors.



Are the writers allowed to publicly discuss their earnings?


Some sites ban their writers from discussing how much they earn. This is another mushroom treatment approach designed to isolate individual writers.



Is the site up ALL the time?


If it is not up all the time then how are people going to find your articles?



Does the site have a policy of deleting large numbers of articles without giving the authors a chance to alter the article?


Search Google for "Article Sweeps" and see which sites delete large numbers of articles without notice.



Does the site delete articles that have titles they want to use themselves?


Yes there are sites that do this. Rather than paying you your percentage, if the article is paying well the website deletes your article and asks another writer to produce an article for a flat fee. Result: the site gets to keep 100% of the ad revenue instead ofonly 50%



Can you communicate with the site's owners directly?


Try sending an email. If you get no reply in two or three days it is fair to assume that the owners d not answer queries.



Can you get extra income by recommending other writers?


Any referral program that allows you to earn in this way is obviously going to boost your earnings, especially if you manage to convince a large number of other writers to join.