How To Make Money Writing Ebooks - A Primer

You too can make money writing(ebooks)

Making money writing ebooks can be very profitable. You can make a living doing this and it doesn't have to be difficult. In this article, we'll explore how to create a fast and lucrative product. Then, we'll move on to low-cost and simple ways to shape content together. Thirdly, we'll look at what is required to open up shop. Fourth, we'll figure out how to get sales prospects(a list of people who will potentially buy your book(s)). Fifth, we'll look at how to get sales from all those leads you've found. Sixth, we'll expand on the importance of building relationships with your potential clients and your current customers. Finally, we'll look at ways to make sure you continue to increase your earnings continuously.


First, this article is all about information products(also known as ebooks). Of course, ebooks are just an example of a possible information product because you can also create a video series instead or anything else you can dream up. For the sake of simplicity, we'll use ebooks as an example in this article. Let's get back to the point. First things first, we need an idea for an e-book. Here are some tips on how to brainstorm ideas for your first e-book.

1. What is frustrating you now or frustrating anyone at the moment... What are some potential solutions to this frustration. There's an e-book right there. Just write about a common problem and provide solutions and expand on this theme.

2. Here's another tip, what are you an expert at or what do you have specialized knowledge about? Can you show the world in an e-book your ability in a subject? Surely, someone will profit from all the helpful tips you can provide.

3. What have you learned or read about? These are all things you are now somewhat knowledgeable in and you can write about these things if you want! It's easy to become an expert. In the 4 hour work week by Tim Ferriss, he explains that all it takes to become an expert in a subject that interests you is to read the top 3 books about that topic. Once you do this, you are more knowledgeable about the topic than 80% of the population and they can benefit from you creating an e-book.

4. Think along the lines of "Common mistakes made by X" and think of the solutions you can suggest to your readers. Another popular niche is the how to make money doing something(like this article). "Make money writing ebooks", "Make money drawing", "Make money-making videos", etc... etc... The list is endless. Just use your imagination. Take whatever it is that interests you most in life and write an e-book about how to make a living doing it. Maybe this exercise will inspire you to begin making a living yourself doing those things you love the most in life.


Second, we want to create the content. This part is really easy. All you have to do really is first like I said before read read read. Read plenty of articles, books from the library, websites, blogs about the topic you'd like to write about. Really get as much information as you can. Once you feel knowledgeable enough, just sit down in front of  a piece of paper and create an outline of all the most important ideas you remember from what you have learned. Once you have a complete outline, the rest is a piece of cake. Just fill in the blanks with free writing. Don't edit yourself at first. Just write whatever comes to mind until you have at least 10 pages of content. Your first e-book doesn't really have to be longer than 10 pages. What is free writing? It's simply the process of writing without stopping and without editing yourself or correcting your mistakes. You'll have time for all that later. So, once you're done free writing and you have at least 10 pages of content, what you have to do next is beginning to edit. Just fix your content up. Make it clean.  My suggestion for your first e-book is to create a special report. Let's leave it at 10 pages and just deliver it as a special report. So now you have your 10 page special report, what next?


Next, you need to set up shop. This is pretty basic too. You don't need a fancy website or anything like that but you do need the basics. You might need a domain name. This is entirely up to you. It depends on whether you want one or not! You can easily get free hosting through google sites if you wanted. And this will work just fine for your first e-book. Let's try to keep this as economical as possible so we won't get a domain(unless you really want to) and we won't get paid hosting(again, you can if you want to). Let's just use free hosting on Google Sites. Just google it if you've never heard of it before. Keep the design of your site real simple. This is easy with google sites, you just pick a template and TA DA it's all done for you. You also have to know how to accept money on the net. For simplicity's sake, we'll use PayPal.  If you want you could also get an autoresponder free at You can only have 100 subscribers with their free service but remember the point here is to keep things as economical as possible until we start making a little money!


Third, we need prospects! People who will potentially buy our book(s). There are many ways to get prospects and I'll briefly list the best ways. It's up to you to research how to use each of these approaches. Just google it. Or leave me a question in the comments, I'll help you! Remember that you should not depend entirely on one method of getting prospects but instead use a variety of sources just to be safe. Before I list the ways to get prospects, remember this: You'll need to set up your autoresponder with first and create a short 1 page free report that introduces your e-book or that is somehow related to your niche. The whole point of this is to get people to sign up to your e-mail list. You can then market your e-book to them! And share knowledge with them about your niche/interest/passion. More on this in the part about relationship building. Here are the best sources for prospects: PPC, SEO, Being Found in Google Local, Article Marketing, Social Media, Blogs, YouTube, Press Releases, eBay, Offline Guerrilla Marketing Methods, Local Newspapers, Free-standing Inserts, Commuter Newspapers, Local Clubs and Events, Direct Mail.


I just realized this post is getting really long so if this article shows any interest, I'll write-up the second half of this article asap. If you're interested, all you have to do is leave me a comment at the bottom of this article requesting part 2!


Hope you found this information valuable. And I wish you the best of luck!