Everyone wants make more money, but what many people don't know is that there are dozens of sites online where you can earn money for writing articles or blogs.  You don't need to be a professional writer, you just have to have the interest in a subject and the time to write an article or blog post on that subject.  This article describes various programs you can sign up for to get paid to write.  All of these sites are free to join.  At the bottom of the page there are links to sign up for all of programs.  Sign-up for one or a few and be an active writer and you will be on your way to passive income that will help supplement your current income!

Infobarrel is a great site where you can make money writing articles online.  All Infobarrel articles must be a minimum of 325 words.  You make money with Infobarrel through Google Adsense and Amazon Associates.  Your Google Adsense and Amazon Associates IDs will be inserted into ads on your Infobarrel articles for 75% of impressions.  By writing more articles per month as well as articles targeted towards Infobarrel's monthly contest, you can increase that your Adsense and Amazon Associates IDs will be inserted into ads on your Infobarrel articles for 95% of the impressions.

Associated Content a.h.a. Yahoo! Contributor Program
Associated Content allows writers to submit articles on any topic.  They pay writers Upfront Payments of $1-$20 per article as well as Performance Payments of $1.50 - $2.00 for every 1,000 page views. Not all content is eligible for Upfront Payments.  Also, only US citizens and legal residents are eligible to receive the upfront payments.  However, non-US residents can join Associated Content and earn Performance Payments.  Associated Content is a great way to earn extra money.  You can submit tutorials; poems or creative writing; movie, music or television show reviews; video game reviews (with some exceptions); website reviews; recipes; and anything else you can think of!  Associated Content also allows you to submit previously published articles. Associated Content is both great for beginners and those looking to republish old articles to gain a little extra money.  You can also earn by referring new writers to Associated Content. Sign up for Associated Content here.

Bukisa pays you by inserting either your Google Adsense ID or Chikita ID (one or the other and it is your choice) into your Bukisa articles.  You can write articles on anything you wish. Bukisa also allows you to earn money from your referrals' articles and your referrals’ referrals' articles.  Bukisa a good way to earn passive income.

Hubpages allows anyone to produce hubs--which are like web pages.  You can write a hub about a topic of your choice and load your hubs with content, pictures, links, or videos. Hubpages does not pay for the views on your articles; instead, you get paid directly by Google, Amazon, eBay, or from your affiliates.  Hubpages also has it's own Adprogram as well. Hubpages is open to non-US residents.  You also get paid to refer others to join Hubpages or to refer readers to other authors' Hubs. Sign-up for Hubpages here.



Squidoo is similar to Hubpages in that you create articles in the form of webpages.  Each Squidoo page is called a “lens” and you can create them on any topic you wish. You can publish articles and earn royalties from them.  From Squidoo you earn a percentage of the ad pool based upon your lensrank as well as 50% share of items sold through your lens using modules such as Amazon and eBay.  Squidoo also pays you $5 for each referral once that referral makes $15.

You can earn cash from Helium though upfront payments, revenue shares, and writing contests.  The higher the ranking of your articles, the more money you can earn.  To maximize your earning potential, you have to write as many good quality articles as you can.  Writing for Helium you can participate in debates, contests and even compete in markets that pay up to $200. Helium pays by the page views for the most part; however, you must be sure to rate other articles in order to retain at least one rating star. If not, you won't earn for page views.  Helium also offers several different contests every week. You earn points by how well your article is rated. The points are added up and the overall winners on each topic can earn up to $150 per contest. It's very competitive though.  You can also sell your articles through Helium. The Market Place features article titles that publishers are looking for. Some are online websites while others are magazines, books and other printed materials. They post the titles they are looking for and pay from $16-$200 per article.

Textbroker offers upfront payments for reviews on a per word basis based upon a rating scheme.  When signing up for Textbroker you submit a writing sample and based upon that writing sample, editors that work for Textbroker assign a rating to you.  This rating is then adjusted based upon the quality of the content you submit. The better your rating, the more you make per word. Companies buy your articles so there is no chance of earning revenue here, but you will earn money fast.  The better a writer you are and the harder you work, the more you can earn.



MyLot is a paid to post program.  It pays its members to participate in the forum because they are building up the site's content and trying to get it to become more popular and easy to find on search engines.  You can earn from MyLot in the following ways: 1. Ask questions. Ask a question and if someone else gives an answer, you earn. The more popular the question, the more money you will earn. 2. Answer questions. To earn the most answer with as much detail as possible with at least 3 to 4 sentences. It helps to use key words or words that were used in the question. 3. Add images. Mylot pays for images. You may add images to your question and to your answers. 4. Your interests. Whenever you submit a question through one of your interest categories MyLot pays you extra. 5. Referrals. Mylot pays you 25% of what your referral earns.

You can write two types of posts for Xomba: Xombytes and Xomblurbs.  Xombytes are articles that are 150 words or more.  Xombytes can be movie reviews, how-to articles, product reviews, etc...  Xomblurbs are interesting links that you share with the rest of the Xomba community.  You share these links by writing a brief and descriptive paragraph about the link.  Xomba shares its Google Adsense revenues 50/50 with its users.