InfoBarrel is providing a new way for people to make money writing online in their spare time. The website works along the same lines as other similar revenue sharing user content generated websites in that users signup for an InfoBarrel account, associate their Adsense code with the account, and publish content on the site on virtually any topic. Using the strength of the InfoBarrel brand online search engines drive traffic to your published content and you share in the advertising revenue with InfoBarrel.

Make Money Writing Online

The model is fairly standard in the industry and has proven to be an excellent source of passive income from individuals and families alike over the past few years. InfoBarrel is actually a little newer than some of its competitors and has thus been able to start off at an advantage. Learning what has worked for similar platforms and what hasn't InfoBarrel is now offering content creators, those people with enough initiative to make money writing online regularly a chance to share in revenue on a tiered system starting at 75 percent and up month after month. The more content you create the larger your revenue share goes.

InfoBarrel also has learned from competitor's mistakes that quality control is paramount in gaining search engine trust. Therefore to make money writing on InfoBarrel you must pass a manual review of your first ten articles before being allowed to publish freely. This keeps the quality of articles high as only people who are committed to making money writing online will stick around through this period. The goal with this policy is to build search engine ranking by building trust so that every article has a higher chance of being featured in the search results pages.

Making Money With Backlinks

InfoBarrel has also learned from competitors that allowing unlimited linking throughout its articles is an invitation for spam and undesirable content and thus they have implemented a rule requiring conservative use of affiliate links and a maximum of two self-serving links in article content. Unlike some other platform's that were lax in this area this will ensure lasting credibility for the readers as well as still offering adequate compensation for content writers. Basically you can both make money writing online at InfoBarrel as well as your blog by making money on your InfoBarrel articles while also getting dofollow backlinks to your blog. This in turn increases your blog's chances of being featured in search engine results pages and indirectly increases its earnings.

If you want to make more money writing online then you will definitely strategize in your linking between blog and InfoBarrel as well as other sources of dofollow backlinks. Using SEO strategies and writing keyword oriented posts based on money-making potential research you can effectively build a solid residual income stream and increased InfoBarrel earnings by using the InfoBarrel platform to it's full potential.

Make Money Online With Referrals

InfoBarrel also has learned from other platforms that setting up a referral system is an effective way to grow a user base and community enthusiasm. People who are InfoBarrel writers are each provided a referral ID to signup new users. The referral bonus is small enough to keep the focus of writers on writing online but significant enough to make it worthwhile. To sweeten the referral bonus program the bonus is residual as you get to keep two percent of your referrals earnings for as long as they are making money writing online with InfoBarrel.

If you decide that you want to experiment with writing online for residual income in your spare time there are a few things you should know right off the bat… especially if you've never done anything like this before. The most important thing to know is that no program or content generation platform will offer quick high returns. If you are led to believe that this is possible you are likely being taken for a ride. Making money writing online takes a lot of time to build up a significant stream of income. Any single article you write may not make a penny for months at a time whereas some others will make a dollar or two every few days. The point here is that if you need to make more money you can only do so by writing a lot of articles. To earn money consistently every day you need enough articles to smooth out the irregularities of any one article by itself.

Make Money Writing A Lot Of Content Online

For instance if you have one article that makes money one day a month then you need 30 articles to get earnings on average every day. Even in this case however there may be day where you earn nothing. To completely smooth your earnings out over the month you need to write probably three times that many articles and then you will start seeing consistent earnings. This means to make money writing articles consistently every day you need at least a hundred articles, and how fast can you pump out those one hundred articles is a very personal question. The point here is that writing articles for money on InfoBarrel or anywhere is a laborious chore and you cannot expect immediate results. You have to make it a job where you publish around 25 articles a week for a month or two or you publish a handful of articles every month for at least a year. This is not meant to turn you off to making money writing online but to show you that this is a long-term effort that does indeed build residual income from your living room.

Just as many other make money online schemes the shortcuts to wealth take you nowhere. You can make money writing online with InfoBarrel but you have to put in the time and effort for the long haul. If you can write 100 InfoBarrel article in your first month with InfoBarrel then you will probably make between one and twenty dollars depending on your talent and coincidence. Going forward the residuals will increase dramatically. Your second month may be in the $30-$60 range if you are a good writer and there really are no limits either. All earnings are based on your skill so always look to improve. Find what works and duplicate it. And remember it will take a month at least usually to see results from anything you do. If you finish your 100th article wait 30 days before judging your library's earning potential. This is because it takes while for your article to be listed in the search engines and for the ads to match up properly on your published work. I highly recommend InfoBarrel for your first attempts at making money writing online and for those who are more advanced you can use InfoBarrel for residual earnings and backlinks to your other online properties. Give InfoBarrel a try today and start making residual income for you and your family. Click through the following link to make money writing online with InfoBarrel.