Triond isCash in Hand a service of Stanza Ltd. This publishing platform enables content creators to publish content of any type, in any media format. Basically, it is a community of people who show what they know by submitting original articles, video, audio and images. Triond is a cool place to read, watch, and contribute all types of content about the things that interest you. It allows writers to submit articles under many topics, such as celebrity news, technology reviews, TV show reviews, local discoveries, travel guides, travel tips, receipts etc.

After submission by the writer each article is manually reviewed before publication.

Triond gives exposure to your knowledge and in return creates an informative library of articles and images. And you can even make money writing for Triond. A main reason why you can earn more money per article on Triond is that Triond pays per view as well as ad clicks. Basically, it pays around 1 cent per 5 views and shares 50% of its Google Adsense Ad Impressions with its writers.

Basically, after a writer submits article Triond publishes it on a niche website, such as Beyondjane, Healthmad, and Gomestic according to the subject of the article.

And best of all, Google loves these Triond websites and ranks them on the top 10 search results. Also, articles submitted there will be indexed pretty quickly.

To get involved just sign up for a totally free account HERE. Once you are signed in you are on your way to becoming a Triond writer.