Is it really possible to make money writing for eHow? I didn't give it too much thought at first. I signed up for eHow's writer's compensation program, and I wrote one article for eHow, "How to Make Your Eyebrows Grow." I wrote the article back in October, 2007 and quickly forgot about it. Three months later, I had a deposit to my Paypal account for approximately $12 from Demand Studios. Two years later, the article has earned almost $200, and I still earn money from this eHow article every month.

When the economy took a bad turn and my employment was affected, I started writing more eHow articles. I knew I would not be able to make a lot money right away, but I saw a long term potential for passive income on eHow. I was working part time during the day at a local community college and writing eHow articles at night. After six months and couple hundred eHow articles, I started earning between $400 and $480 a month. I learned through trial and error and a little research how to write eHow articles that would pay well. I also bought an e-book by fellow eHower, WriterGig, which helped me increase my earnings. Even though I'm still suffering financially from the effects of the economy and state budget cuts, the residual income I earn from eHow really helps my monthly expenses.

If you're thinking about making money writing for eHow or you're already writing for eHow, but want to increase your earnings, here are some tips that have helped me increase my monthly passive income.

Make goals and write them down. Making and writing down goals will help increase your productivity. Make a list of daily goals. Make a list of short term and long term goals. For example one of my first short term goals was to earn $500 in passive income each month on eHow. My long term goal is to earn enough money each month on the Internet to make my house payment. Do you have to diligently stick to your goals? Of course not. Just do your best every day to achieve your goals, even if you only do one thing towards accomplishing them.

Visualize yourself earning enough passive income to live comfortably. Cut out pictures and images that reflect how you want your live your life. Make a Power Point presentation. I made a video with images of what I want to achieve in my life from residual income. I even added music. Think about these things every day. Hang some of the images on your walls. It's important to stay positive when writing content online for passive income. It's too easy to get discouraged, especially at the beginning if your income is not as much as you may have expected. I read a lot of posts from eHow newbies on the forum who are very discouraged. Take that negative energy and turn it into positive energy by writing, searing for article ideas and researching ways to increase passive income.

Be on the look out for new ideas for eHow articles. I get ideas from work, from reading the news, and from checking Google Trends. Sometimes I use Google Suggestion Tool to randomly plug in different words and see what kind of keyword phrases will appear.

Write your first eHow drafts without thinking about earning residual income or using search engine optimization (SEO). After the first draft is finished, go back and check, add, and edit keyword phrases. Your eHow article text should consist of about three to five percent relevant keyword phrases. Make sure the keyword phrase in your title comes up in Google Suggest. For example the title of this article, "Make Money Writing for eHow" popped up in Google Suggest as soon as I typed, "Make Money Writing for e..." The keyword phrase in the title should also be in the first and last paragraph.

Work on improving grammar and punctuation. Google bots and other search engine bots are becoming more and more astute at finding quality written content. If your writing is full of grammar and punctuation errors, it won't take long before your articles are deleted or indexed lower in search results. One of the best ways to improve grammar and punctuation is to research common writing errors in English. There is a lot of information on the Internet and in books for improving your writing. If you're using websites to improve your writing, make sure they are reputable sites. Websites with an .edu at the end of the URL are your best bets for finding grammar and punctuation help. Review your articles several times before publishing for clarity, grammar and punctuation. Will you catch all the errors? Probably not, but you will find most of them.

Spend a little time each day researching how to write articles that make money on eHow. There are a lot of articles on eHow that explain how to increase residual income. For example, use eHow's search engine to search SEO, keywords, keyword phrases, Free Word Tracker Tool, increase traffic, Google Adsense, backlinks, affiliate links, eHow blogs and article ideas. The information on eHow is free. There are also several successful eHow members who write excellent blogs about how to earn money writing for eHow. Find the link to their blogs on their eHow profile pages.

To make money writing for eHow, the most important thing is that you enjoy writing eHow articles. If you're not happy writing content on the Internet for passive income, it's only a matter of time before your interest wanes. Does this mean you cannot make money online? Not really. It just means you have not found your niche yet. There is a plethora of ways to make money online. It's just a matter of finding something you're passionate about.