Have you considered writing for ezines? In case you're not sure what Ezines are, Ezines are internet magazines. They are sent through email when interested readers sign up online. Some of these Ezines are free and some come with a subscription. This is one more way to make money on the internet.

Find a market you can write an ezine for. This is where some research is required. You will need to find the right kind of ezine that you're sure you can give good quality content to. Visit different websites and read the guidelines of each one. The guidelines are very specific, including category, contact info, rights info. Etc. There are so many subjects specific Ezines that you may have a hard time choosing. Choose several to increase your chances of landing a job.

Subscribe to the ezines that you may be interested in writing for. Print at least one publication of each. Read and study the publications as well as become familiar with the sites. This way you will get a good feel for what it is they are looking for in their content. These are your clues. This will show you if you can give them what they need and give you a better chance of the possibility of selling your articles.

Whatever market you decide to write in, put everything you have into it. Don't just throw it out there and hope it makes it. Put time and effort into the quality, not in the quantity so much.

The best way to write a high quality Ezine article is to take your time. Write it, read it, and let it mull over in your mind for a day. You will come up with more ideas for it or new ways to say something. Until you are excited, thrilled and totally satisfied with it, wait on it. You want it to be your best presentable work! Spell check, and check your grammar! Read it in a quiet room to make sure all the sentences blend well and make sense.

Ezine writing is article writing, except there may be many more guidelines attached to it depending on the ezines you plan to write for. You may have a chance to be a regular writer or you may just be paid by the articles they choose. As I mentioned before, the best way to get your chance to write for an Ezine is by reading the Ezine and studying it before submitting anything. This will give you the best chance possible.