Donkeymails is paid to read (PTR) or paid to click (PTC) site that pays users for reading e-mails and clicking on ads.  Paid to read/paid to click sites will pay users a small fee to click on links in e-mails sent to them or on their website.  While there are several scam PTR and PTC sites that do not pay their members.  Donkeymails is a successful PTR/PTC site that has been around for several years and has made thousands of payouts to their members.

There are various ways to get paid from Donkeymails.  Payments are made every two weeks and DonkeyMails pays users withthe following payment processors.  The payout threshold a.k.a. minimum payment is in parentheses.

  • LibertyReserve (No Minimum)
  • Routepay ($0.10)
  • Perfect Money ($0.50)
  • Paypal ($1.00)
  • Alertpay ($1.00)
  • Solidtrustpay ($2.50)

Below are all of the ways to make money as a DonkeyMails Member

PTR--Paid to Read
You can make money by clicking links in e-mails that DonkeyMails sends daily.  DonkeyMails generally sends several paid to read e-mails everyday.

PTC--Paid to Click
You will also get paid to click links on the DonkeyMails website. There are several links on the site, before clicking the link you will be informed how much the link is worth and how much you will be paid for clicking the link.

PTP--Paid to Promote
Donkeymails has a paid to promote (PTP) program where you will get paid to promote your own personal PTP link.  You will earn credits for those who view your PTP link.  The amount of credits per view varies based upon which country the viewer of your PTP link is from. You earn $0.50 per 1,000 Credits.

Manual Surf
Donkemails has a manual surf bar that is another way to make money.  Surf the web using the manual surf bar and you will earn Cash and Credit prizes. You can win up to $25 Cash with the manual surf bar!

PTSU--Paid to Sign-Up
There are also several offers where you will get paid to sign-up for offers and programs through the DonkeyMails site. There is more than $250 to earn signing up for various offers and there are new offers added to the site daily!

Games & Contests
Donkeymails has a raffle where you can win up to $1,000!  You can also earn extra money by playing games on the site.

DonkeyMails has their own personal toolbar that you can download and ad to your browser.  The toolbar allows you to complete tasks and earn money.

You can also earn money with DonkeyMails by referring new users.  So long as you are 10% as active as your referrals (meaning you click links in e-mails on the site at least 10% as often as your referrals), you can earn a percentage of the earnings of your referrals.

Upgrade Your Account
You can upgrade your account and earn more money.  DonkeyMails also offers advertising through their site and by upgrading your account you can sae on advertising packages. The cost of upgrading your account starts at $7.50.

Donkeymails and similar paid to click or paid to read sites are by no means a way to get rich quick, but you can still earn extra cash and there are some people who earn hundreds of dollars. If you sign up for several PTR/PTC programs, the pennies add up to dollars and even hundreds of dollars for very little work. I usually click my links while watching TV. I've been paid several times by DonkeyMails and think it's one of the best PTR programs out there. I strongly recommend it!

More Donkeymails and PTC Tips
  • PTR programs send you a lot of e-mails daily.  I suggest creating a separate gmail account for your PTR programs. Thereafter, sign into that gmail account once per day and click on the links in the e-mails you receive from DonkeyMails.
  • Watch out for cheat links!  DonkeyMails and other PTR/PTC sites have cheat links to make sure that people are actually clicking on the links and not computers or bots.  Most PTR/PTC sites hae the rule that if you click on 3 cheat links, your account will be banned. Don't worry though. it will be very clear which links are cheat links and even if you do accidentally click a cheat link, the click will not count against you provided you close the page before the countdown timer runs out.
  • Most PTR programs have activity requirements requiring that you log into your account or click links every so often (usually 30 or 60 days). If you do not meet the activity requirement, your account will be closed.  You have the option of putting your account on vacation mode if you know there will be a long period of time where you will be unable to log into your account or click links.