For those who are interested in how to make money as a student with freelancing and beginning a career in the field of blogging, looking for supplemental income, or simply looking to share their experiences around the world with friends and family, starting a blog with is the first step. To do this, visit the home page on their website and look forward to being able to make easy money. This page shows a brightly colored and directional box which explains the three simple steps toward creating a blog with an orange colored arrow directing you where to go to begin. Simply click on that arrow and your process will begin.

Creating the Google Account


The next step is to create a Google account if you do not already have one. The page asks for your email address, then to retype the email address. This is the email address which you will use to log in to your blog on

Password Protection

Password ProtectionCredit:

After this you must select a password which fits within the parameters of the requirements of so that you can safely make easy money. As you type in possible password selections, underneath you will be told whether the strength of your password is high or low so that you can select a password of at least eight characters which the best security. After this you should retype the password and then create a display name. After this you should verify that you are human with the word verification security feature wherein you type the displayed security word. You then read and accept the terms of use and move on to the next step. If, however, you already have a Google account created, then you can skip this step and move directly to the “sign in to Blogger with your Google Account” section and input your email and password. Once these simple steps have been completed then you can begin making money as a student with freelancing.

The Art of Blogging


Once this step has been completed, the next step in starting a blog using is to name the new blog and being making money as a student with freelancing. You enter a title for your blog, then you select an address for you blog. This acts as the manner in which you or other people can link your blog to places. The domain name is what precedes “”. You can also opt to host your blog someplace else with an advanced blog set up and increase your ability to make easy money. After this step, you get to select the template which you want for your personalized blog. Once you do this, you can change the template you choose later on, or you can customize the blog template. At this point, your blog has now been activated. It is live, created, and you can begin adding posts, creating and updating your personal profile, and using the blog tools to customize your blog.

And so it begins…


Under the “posting” tab on the top left, select “create” below it and then after you have put a title, you can compose your first blog, editing the format, font, size, placement, pictures, and attachments. Once you have finished composing your blog you can publish it right then or save it for a later date. That is all you need to be able to start a blog with and making money as a student with freelancing.


 If you want to make money as a student, the most convenient manner in which to do that is using the skills you already have: the internet and writing. Once you start a blog with blogger, you are ready to begin writing your first blog and making money as a student with freelancing.