Get a great payday doing the right thing reporting fraud and abuse by a company or business.

Whistle blowing is a multi-billion dollar industry in the forefront of lots of news stories. These are situations which typically involve employees with the courage to take on a business or company committing fraud in one form or another.

They tell the authorities what illegal activity is taking place and make money when they do so. Anyone choosing to disclose to law enforcement the details of corruption could be in for a big payday for simply doing what is right.

Why people do not do it more often

Lots of people are afraid to do the right thing. Remember by taking this action you are putting yourself in an awkward position. You are usually reporting violations of the law committed by coworkers or even your boss. This could result in being fired as well as putting you at risk of losing your financial security or even killing relationships. Because of this there are tons of people who will know something dishonest  or illegal is taking place and simply turn a blind eye to the problem.

You have rights to protect you

Anyone choosing to go to law enforcement with suspcious of a scam or swindle being performed by a business does have rights to protect you. Discover which of these keep you safe before making a move.

Do your research. There are tons of online sources to help you understand your rights as a whistleblower and guide you through the process. Countless people get legal advice or representation to support them.

There are five powerful legal statutes in place to protect you for your daring heroism. Visit with a lawyer for details surrounding them and what steps you should take at this time.

One of the great articles here at InfoBarrel shares details about this

Other types of whistle blowers

There are other people besides company employees who help in revealing deceit taking place around our country. Anyone doing the right thing is safe with the same rights and reimbursement as employees with a company.

For instance, you could be a patient on Medicare that noticed your doctor is billing for charges you did not receive. How about making you personally pay for charges not submitted to your insurance company for consideration?

Countless Medicaid patients are victims of insurance cheating because they are unaware of their rights and how the system for billing works. Services are even charged to their account in many cases using fake patient names and other dishonest methods of making a buck by healthcare providers. Blowing the lid on this state of affairs will also net you a payday.

Monetary Rewards

The money made by whistleblowers is substantial in countless cases. You will generally receive a percentage of the total amount of fraud. This could be enormous depending on how much cash was taken or recovered. Making money for doing the right thing in divulging unlawful or fraudulent acts is wonderful.

One great example is a Swiss Bank account case involving $5 billion dollars recovered by our government after the case is done. The person who revealed the crime received a reward of $4 million dollars. Another case involved Medicare fraud for a hospital and the reward for the employee came close to one million dollars. Even if you do not make millions, image making thousands of dollars.

People behind the fraud

Not only are you helping recover money gained through criminal means, you are also helping real people hurt by the scams. These are innocent victims who deserve more. Thanks to you they will actually get it because of your courageousness.

Most common laws violated

The most common abuses involve federal offenses. However, these are not the only ones, but they are generally the biggest payday. Stop any acts against the law whether they are listed here or not.

There are some laws which automatically result in making money for daring to report them.

a)    Commodities fraud

b)    Securities fraud

c)    IRS tax fraud

d)    IRS tax underpayment

e)    The foreign corruptions practices act

f)     State false claims act


In conclusion

If you are an employee that would like to divulge dishonest practices taking place at work, do so after researching your rights or visiting with a legal representative. You protection under the law for doing what is right. Making money for being courageous and honest is a terrific thing. Remember, there are real victims behind these unlawful activities and they need your help.