There are several ways that you can make money from video games, you just have to figure out what you want to do and how much risk you want to take. Read on to figure out what type of field you want to put your hands in.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


1. You can become a professional video game player and win money across North America. There are several video game tournaments you can enter in and try to win. Most of these competitions are held by Major League Gaming which is North America's pro video game league. Anyone can participate in these tournaments if you wanted. Some of these competitions take place online while others are in one place in North America. If you do well in these tournaments you can even get endorsements from companies, just like real the athletes. If you are really good, you can win these competitions and win thousands of dollars each tournament. Keep in mind, these competitions are highly competitive and takes quite a bit of skill in order to win.

2. If you don't want to take that much risk in making money, you can blog about video games. If you know quite a bit about video games and the industry you can make a good deal of money from it. You can start a free blog with sites like, or Once that is done, you just need to start blogging about video games and start earning some internet traffic. Think about what you want to blog about, you could blog about news, tricks, tips, strategies or make it really unique. To earn money from it, you will have to place ads on your blog. You can sign up for free with a site like Google Adsense. Or, you can look into affiliate marketing and sign-up for sites like Commission Junction.
3. Maybe blogging and writing about video games is not your thing and you want to still play games to make money from them. You can be a video game tester and help out in giving feedback to new games. These testers play video games to find any mistakes, bugs or any other problem when playing the game. You will get to play video games, but you may not be playing just for your own fulfillment. You will have to play meticulously to find and issues in the games. Honestly, it is very hard to become a video game tester because it is not in a lot of advertising. Basically, you have to either be in the video game industry already or you know someone who is in it. You may have to write to a few game developers and tell them how passionate you are about playing video games.

4. Think about how you want to spend your time before you make a decision on how you want to make money from video games. If you are a pro gamer there is a good amount of risk involved if you are not as skilled as other players. You may even end up losing money due to the registration fee. There are over a thousand blogs about games already and many established sites like Gamespot and IGN are dominant in that field already. And it might be a few months before you even hear anything about becoming a video game tester. And even if you do, are you willing to play video games as a job rather than for recreational purposes?

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