One of the more popular recent ad campaigns to sweep the internet in recent months has been the ads claiming that people can make money by posting links on Google. So, what's the scoop with these claims? Does Google really hire to people to post links on their site and, if so, how much money can a person make by doing do?

The make money with google campaign has picked up considerable steam since it first started to gain traction last year. Currently, there are dozens of major websites such as and which are displaying advertising links from marketers claiming that it is possible to make as much as $90 an hour posting links on Google. The first question that you may be wondering is, "Is this legit?"

There is a short answer to that question and a long answer. First, let's look at the short answer: No, it's not legit. The links that you see on come in two varieties and there are not people getting paid to place either of them there. The first type of links that Google displays are what are called the "organic" listings. These are the websites that the Google algorithm ranks as the most appropriate for any given search query. These links are produced by the computer depending upon the search term that you have entered into the search box. They are not posted by hand.

The other type of link that you will see displayed on are the "sponsored links." The sponsored links are links purchased by advertisers to be displayed for a particular search term. In order to be one of these links, a person or company pays Google to show their link. This is also handled by computers as there is no one actually entering the links that other people have paid for. This is how Google makes money, by selling these links; They do not pay anyone to post these links.

Those are the only two types of links that you will ever see displayed on But remember, I said that there was a short answer to this question and a long answer. The long answer is a bit more complicated and I'd like to get into it now.

So, you're saying you can not make money by posting links on Google?

You see, the companies that are advertising on and that claim you can make all this money working for Google are actually being misleading but they are not outright lying. Here's why. The fact of the matter is that Google is not, nor do they ever, hiring people to place links on their website. But people (webmasters) do make money by using certain skills to get their websites to rank highly in the organic search results on Google for various search terms. Now, remember that with organic results no money is exchanging hands. These are simply the sites that the Google algorithm rates as the best sites for being relevant and appropriate to a particular search query.

So if you have a website that places highly on Google for an oft-searched keyword then you can make a significant amount of money by attracting this free traffic. So what the people who are advertising these make money with Google products are really advertising are how-to courses to teach people how to get their sites to show up on Google for various searches. Yes, it is pretty misleading. But the principles are legit.

So are these make money with Google courses a good deal?

Well, here the answer depends on the company that is offering the information. The fact of the matter is that there are internet marketers making very good money by optimizing their sites to rank highly in Google. This is actually a very valuable skill, called search engine optimization or SEO, that webmasters use to make money online. However, many of the companies that are offering these courses that claim to teach you how to make money this way are actually somewhat dubious. The reason is that, even though the information is often legit, the programs that they want you to enroll in can be very expensive. Many of these make money posting links on Google courses require a monthly membership fee and these fees are not cheap.

But the good news is that people can and do make great money by getting their links to appear in Google. And, even better news, it is possible for any person to learn how to do this free of charge. The information that explains how SEO is done profitably is exposed on many, many websites and these websites do not charge for this information. Therefore, a person who is willing to study and learn these techniques can make excellent money following these principles. I actually wholeheartedly recommend the notion of making money with Google, however I would caution against giving your credit card information to any of the sites selling this information. Like I said, you can learn everything that you need to know for free just by doing some research online.

So, now you know the real story behind the "Make money by posting links on Google" ads that are all over the web.