Making Money for Christmas: 15 Plus Ways

Some folks love the festivity of Christmas but find themselves depressed after the holidays have passed. But why? It is because they run up huge debts on Christmas gifts, being generous to relatives and friends. They do not notice the debt as it mounts for the holidays because they are caught up in the festivity of the season. But what if they made a plan...a plan to offset their Christmas debt with extra money they have earned. This article will explore some ways of making extra money that can offset the debt of Christmas and having the extra benefit of putting you in the mood of the season. The first and most obvious way of making Christmas money is to become Santa Claus.

Walk in department stores and talk to management. Tell them you would like to play Santa Claus for their store. This is usually part time work and after they do a background check on you, you could be hired in a few days. Management will furnish you with the Mr. Claus outfit, beard and stomach stuffing. You should also check out large hotels in your area. You could also develop a service that provided home visitations of Santa. Another way Santa can visit (sort of) is through sending an email

or a snail mail.

You can don your Santa outfit and drive around town, transporting people for a fee. (Santa charging the people! Yipes!) If you don't think Santa would go for this you could make the fee optional but accept contributions. After all, his Reindeer are sleeping after a long trip to the North Pole where they will assemble their journey in a few days.

Set up a service of writing on behalf of Santa and you will have your hands full and not just with a pen or pencil. You will be answering kid's letters and emails.

Making Money for Christmas: A Family Enterprise

You can make your Santa adventure a family enterprise. Your wife can don an elf outfit, your children can be gnomes or fairies. You can celebrate over tripling your profits. You can use your imagination to chat with children about your home in the North Pole or you can check out Santa routines from Blockbuster and see how a professional actor handles the role. On the other hand, if you have a white beard and an endowed tummy, you may consider going to Santa School in Michigan to get professional training. You would do this in the summer so that by the time Christmas rolled around you would already be placed in a top spot. Santa loves Christmas trees and this happens to be another way to make seasonal money.

You can sell Christmas trees. You can pick up the spirit of Christmas from your customers. Know your trees and listen to what the customers want. They will get excited when they find a tree that fits their mental model. Help them to find their ideal tree. Praise them on their choices.

Make Money for Christmas: From Cards to Pumpkin Pie

There is also the matter of Hanukah or Christmas cards. If you know calligraphy you can market your skills by

offering personalized cards. If you can sing or play an instrument, you can sell digital music or songs.

You can sell family recipes for pumpkin pie, mincemeat, eggnog, tips on cooking turkey so that it is moist and flavorful and not cardboard. And if you are a master chef, you can sell your creations complete with presentations. If you want to expand your business, you can offer a catering service.

If you have a practical bent on home repair, you may find that stringing lights or setting up lawn displays for others may be profitable.

If you have a bent for Christmas stories, you can offer a non-credit class on Christmas Stories, which would include not only A Christmas Carol (and Mr. Scrooge) , but The Gift of the Magi by O Henry and some of Mary E Wilkins' Christmas Stories.

If you have a bent for acting, you can write a short skit of Dickens Christmas Carol and act the part of Scrooge yourself. This would be a neighborhood project but it could bring in a bit of cash and thus Christmas money.

If you are a writer, you can publish short stories or articles for profit. Offer your articles for a profit to internet marketers. Many of them get bogged down in writing 1000-2000 words per day and they look around for articles they can buy. You can also make them seasonal. Or, just listen to what the buyer wants. It will give you money for Christmas.

If you are into traveling prior to the Christmas Holidays and others are going in your direction, you can offer transportation for a fee.

If you have talent as a fashion designer, you could set up a business that may attract a high end market. You would create one-of-a-kind dresses and accessories for Christmas parties.

If you are a teacher, you can plan in advance to teach a course as an adjunct. This is very flexible, for you don't need to sign a long term contract. You can plan your adjunct work so that the end of the course corresponds with the Christmas Holidays. And this is a no brainer, for most colleges do end their fall semester around Christmas time.

If you are good at math and accounting, you can pick up jobs before taxes are due and go into the fall with a bankroll and your Christmas is covered.

And speaking of accounting and taxes, if you check your IRS reportage, you may find that the government owes you money. Some tax preparation agencies will cut you a check on the spot in exchange for collecting the money when the Feds send it. It may be a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. And that money is waiting for you to claim it.