Can you really make money for free writing articles online? I'm not talking about pennies or dollars, but regular steady income of thousands of dollars a month? Yes, you can and the money from writing articles is fantastic once you work through the learning curve. I get a perverse sense of pleasure out of knowing that every day my passive income is growing.

How do I manage to make more money today than yesterday or the day before? Simple with focus and a plan for success which is followed everyday without fail. Why am I so strict about my work time? Let me tell you, I have a large circle of work at home friends who seem to think that working means messing around on forums, studying how to make money online, spending lots of wasted time on Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites. Don't get me wrong I love these sites and they are addictive time wasters for those who really work at home.

In order to make money writing articles, you need to write literally thousands of them. You need to promote them too or you will never see any coin from your efforts. Most people write, slap up their articles and wait for a few months before they ever bother to day anything else. This is a gigantic mistake. Slapping up 10 well written articles will maybe get you a lucky commission or some advertising money, but that is all it is lucky.

In order to make a living writing articles online, you need to have thousands of money makers all producing for you at once. How come so many? Well, getting paid online is notoriously finicky. Some days you make lots of money, some days nothing and others just a little. You really do need the volume of work to have any chance at all of making a steady income. It's not as daunting as it sounds to write articles for money online. You don't need to be a pro, and you don't need English as your first language. What you do need is descent grammar and writing ability and the ability to both write and promote your work over a period of time. There is no quick fix to building a successful business either online or off.

If your work ethic is good, then you will be able to make money for free writing articles online. If your work ethic is sloppy, forget it, any self directed business or employment you seek will be a disaster. Sorry, just telling it like it is in business, and making money for free writing articles is no different.

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