Quick fingers and quick wit are all that is needed to begin making a profit from Craigslist

Here are two ways to turn the popular website into a revenue earning tool.

Started in 1995 as a San Francisco area online event calendar, Craigslist has blossomed into a thriving online community visited by millions of viewers annually. Every day thousands of new "for sale" posts go up on Craigslist and with the right mindset and strategy, anyone can easily begin turning a using this site that serves over 570 cities across the globe. Here are two ways to begin making money from Craigslist.

Selling Unwanted Items

Everyone has items lying around their house that they no longer want. Maybe its an old TV or shelving that you have just replaced. Instead of throwing out these items, post them on Craigslist. Here's how!

1 - Get a free account. If you don't already have an account, head over to Craigslist and sign up. It's completely free and takes only a few seconds. 

2 - Pick out which items you wish to sell and decide how much you want for them. Spend a few minutes to clean up the items and take several pictures of each.

3 - List the items, and MAKE SURE to include a picture. Many users search for only postings with pictures, and this will help to smooth out the selling process once you have an interested buyer.

4 - Wait. People in your area will browse Craigslist and see your post. They will contact you, and if you specified in your post, they will even come to pick up the items. All you have to do is post, wait, and collect your profit.


Buy Items and Flip them for Profit

This is where the true money is to be made from Craigslist. Almost any item can be found on Craigslist and be bought for little or no cost. With the right bargaining skills, you can acquire items for fractions of their true value and resell them for profit on Craigslist.

1 - Set a maximum initial investment for buying your first item. Usually it will be around $100, but some choose to find a free item on Craigslist and re-list it for a small profit.

2 - Purchase an item that you think you can sell at a higher price. Always search for posts with pictures as this makes your evaluation process easier. Also, only buy items that you have knowledge about. This will make you better at determining its value, as well as better at bartering a lower price. 

3 - Clean/Repair your new purchase. Even if it is as simple as running a wet cloth over a purchased dresser, make sure to give your new item at least a once over. This will get your familiar with the item as well as make it visually more appealing, which can never be overrated. Once this is done, take a few pictures. 

4 - Re-list the item at a higher price. Many times items found for free or for $10 or $15 can sell for $50 or more. Don't hesitate to do a bit of research on a product to decide where its market value stands. A quick google search can give you valuable information.

5 - Wait until the right offer comes around. A lot of offers will ask you to lower your price, instead offer to deliver the item at full price. This almost always has a favorable response and will allow you to sell your items for slightly higher prices. But no matter what, make sure to earn a profit from an item. 


Well there you have it. Use there beginning steps to start making a profit from Craigslist. Once you master the basics, you can start dealing with multiple items and maximize your earning potential.