A really easy way to make money from home is private tutoring. With the school year starting in just a few weeks private tutoring for those with an advanced degree makes sense. You can earn an hourly wage of $15 to $20 depending on the grade level of you charge and make a nice chunk of change either in person, at home or on the phone for your efforts.

Which Subjects are Most Requested for Private Tutors?

Chemistry, biology, mathematics at various levels, foreign languages, music, music composition, physics, English, English as a second language and many others are at the top of the list for private tutoring services. Also there is a large market for computer skills, computer programming and computer sciences.

How Much Should You Charge as a Private Tutor?

The amount of your fees will depend both on your level of expertise, educational and work experience and experience with being a private tutor. Truly, the wage you earn will be mostly dependent on what the market will bear in your local area.

How Should I Market Myself as a Private Tutor?

There are a number of free classified sites, with Craigslist, being the largest where you can post free ads with your services. In addition, ads in the news paper in the services offered section, and word of mouth are your best options for growing your clientele. With time, word will get around if you do a good job and your client base will grow. I know several people personally who have started their businesses by word of mouth alone. The offer a good value for the money, and on occasion offer a few free minutes here and there as a bonus. One person I know has been quite successful by offering a free couple of hours for each new referral existing clients bring to them.

Can I Make a Full Time Job Out of Private Tutoring?

Certainly you can make full time income out of offering tutoring services. You will need to work hard to build your client base and professional contacts to do so.

Offering private tutoring services is a good way to start making money from home without any investment whatsoever besides your time. A career in tutoring can be as rewarding as it is lucrative. If you have an advanced degree in computers, languages, or one of the sciences you already possess all the skills you need to tutor high school and beginning college classes.