Make a Canon-Pixma pro-9500 Printer work for its living. Make it pay for itself by earning you money. There are lots of ways you can use a professional quality inkjet printer like the Canon to make a part-time income.


You have bought the best printer on the market. It produces superb quality images, quality that others will pay you for, if you present your images in the right way.


Make money-by-printing Photos For Amateur Photographers


Not many amateur photographers can afford a Canon-Pixma Pro9500 printer, but they would all give their eye teeth for the print quality.


This printer allows you much more control over print media than a large operation or any automatic printing system.


The Canon pro-9500 has all manner of color-correction systems built in. You can even tell it what kind of lighting will be used where the photographs are to be used and it will adjust the color balance of the images to compensate for the different natures of different artificial lighting systems.


You can also print photos at A3 size, something that no standard home computer printer will do, though the camera will have to be a 12 Mega Pixel model to take print sharp photographs of this size.



Make money-by-printing Personalised Christmas Cards


Businesses can order large quantities of personalised cards through stationery suppliers; you cannot compete on costs for that type of order.


What you can do is to appeal to individuals who want one-off personalised cards, which are of such high quality that they effectively constitute a gift.


Only the Canon-Pixma pro-9500 printer has the quality and depth of colour to make satisfactory Christmas cards. Where other printers produce dull reds and greens, the Canon has special Red and Green ink tanks, allowing vivid colours to be reproduced accurately.


Make money-by-printing Fine Art Prints


Your Canon-Pixma pro-9500 will print on canvas, even on card 2mm thick, enablingyou to offer a photograph to picture conversion service.


All you need is the original SD or XD card with the highest quality possible image stored on it. You can load the image into your computer and print it directly onto card or canvas.


Make contact with local picture framers who can send relevant enquiries to you in exchange for you sending the framing business back to them.


Make money-by-printing Mosaic Pictures


There are programs that will take an image and rebuild it using a mosaic tiling. These programs produce a work of art from your photo. Your Canon-Pixma pro-9500 printer will allow you to offer this service to others and to print off A3 size mosaic pictures


Make money-by-printing Calendars


Offer to make family calendars. Use the large format capabilities of your Canon-Pixma pro-9500 to the full. Extended families are your best market with different generations, and family groupings on each page. Personalise calendars with birthdays and wedding anniversaries. Pet calendars are another top selling idea.


Make money-by-printing Place Mats


People sell personalised photo place mats for $25 for four mats. You can print them for $2 an A3 photo using your Canon-Pixma pro-9500 printer and laminate them for another 75cents each. That gives you a large margin for marketing and promotion.